Serious clinical testing on the short term and long term effects of marijuana have brought very little conclusive information, but what is certain is that you can absolutely overdose on the drug. The difference between a pothead and a user lies in the pattern of behavior. A user enjoys the effects of consuming marijuana, and a pothead enjoys the act of consuming it. Potheads consistently overdose and continue a cycle of abuse.

CB1 Receptor

The CB1 receptor expresses in the peripheral and the central nervous systems. Working together, these receptors are capable of relieving minor pain, whether it is sudden or chronic. Demonstrating how CBD and THC affect this receptor will establish a better understanding of the effects of marijuana on the user.

The CB1 receptor is the coin in this analogy. THC is an aggressor meant to increase the activity of the receptor. It takes on the receptor head on, so it will be the heads side of the coin. Consuming THC increases mental activity. It may actually help with focus and creativity. CBD is more submissive. It is meant to soothe the receptor. Its nature is to calm, so it will be the tails side of the coin. Consuming CBD promotes the reduction of mental activity and may assist with anxiety and pain relief. These two cannaniboids stand in direct opposition and behave exactly the same when they are overly consumed. They each take on the properties of the other once you succumb to cannabis intoxication.

Threshold of Efficiency

The threshold of efficiency is the point at which efficiency is at its maximum. For example, if one part bleach reaches its threshold of efficiency when it is mixed with nine parts water, adding more bleach will make it less effective. Some people mistakenly think that the more bleach you use the cleaner or more sanitary a surface will become. Some marijuana consumers falsely believe that the more marijuana you use the better the effect.

Cannabis Intoxication

Becoming intoxicated by cannabis is basically flipping the receptor coin. For instance, if you are ingesting CBD to relax or relief tension and pain, then it will do that for you if you do not cross the threshold of efficiency. You must give the drug time to work and your body time to respond. If you keep ingesting it until you feel better, you are going to break the threshold of efficiency and flip the coin to heads, the THC side. That better feeling is going to peak and the effects are going to bounce back in the other direction. Then you will begin to feel the effects of increased mental activity, anxiety, and so many other things that you are trying to soothe.

What is certain about marijuana consumption can be used to determine exactly what your threshold is and help you to respect it. Keep track of your dosage and how often you ingest it to get an idea of how much you need how often for it to be effective and helpful. Otherwise, you’re just taking drugs and hoping for the best.