Wyoming may have some of the nation’s worst cannabis laws, but the state has been surprisingly accepting of hemp-derived CBD products. The state’s laws are a little confusing, though. So, we’re going to list all of the information that you need to know before you start supporting Wyoming’s CBD industry.

State Laws

Before we get started, CBD is a relatively new product in Wyoming. on July 29th, 2019, the state made it legal for hemp-derived CBD products to be sold and purchased. However, the state’s CBD industry is still in its infancy, and as the state’s officials continue to learn about CBD, some of these laws might change. For now, we’ll go over the different laws and CBD regulations that Wyoming has in place.

What CBD Is Legal?

Wyoming isn’t known for having lenient cannabis laws. The state didn’t even allow patients with very serious illnesses to use marijuana-derived CBD until 2017. The state still doesn’t have an actual medical marijuana program, either. So, most people can only purchase hemp-derived CBD products in Wyoming. However, very sick people can get a prescription from their doctor that allows them to use marijuana-derived CBD now.

The medicinal version of CBD can only have .5 percent THC. The stuff that you can buy over the counter has .3 percent THC. Both THC limits are low enough to prevent you from feeling any psychoactive effects.

If any product exceeds the .3 percent limit, it is illegal. If a medicinal version has more than .5 percent THC, it is illegal, too.

Where Can I Buy CBD?

There aren’t any dedicated CBD shops in Wyoming. The new law passed so recently that entrepreneurs and larger companies haven’t had time to build shops and open businesses. However, the online CBD market is thriving because of Wyoming’s residents, and some general stores are selling basic CBD items.

You won’t have to order your CBD items online for long, though. Now that hemp-derived CBD is legal in Wyoming, several small businesses are trying to establish physical retail locations, and some larger companies are trying to cash in on the new industry, too.

Are Food Items Legal?

Food items are legal in Wyoming, and that’s a pretty surprising fact. The state’s officials have sided with the FDA a lot in the past, and it’s a little odd that they decided to take another route when it comes to their CBD regulations.

You can even purchase products that are labeled as dietary supplements and food additives in Wyoming. You’ll have to order them online, but you can order them legally. Even some of the most cannabis-friendly states don’t allow you to purchase products that are labeled as dietary supplements or food additives.

Is There An Age Limit?

There isn’t an age limit on hemp-derived CBD use in Wyoming, but minors cannot purchase CBD products by themselves, and they cannot possess CBD products. If a minor requires hemp-derived CBD, they must have an adult give them the recommended dose of the product. Furthermore, the adult must be a legal guardian, or they must be a caretaker that the legal guardian has put in charge of their child.

This is more strict than other states, but it’s not a bad thing. There are a lot controversial claims that have been made about CBD’s effectiveness, and children aren’t mature enough to filter out the nonsense. Requiring children to have an adult administer their CBD treatments prevents them from using CBD to treat ailments that it doesn’t actually treat.

Can I Buy CBD At Restaurants?

Technically, you can buy CBD menu items from restaurants in Wyoming. There’s nothing in Wyoming’s law books that makes those items illegal. However, restaurants haven’t incorporated CBD into their menus yet. So, you won’t be able to find any restaurants to order CBD food items from. That will probably change in the near future, but that’s just how it is right now.

If you are interested in ordering desserts, entrees, or drinks that are infused with CBD, many sources suggest bringing the topic up to managers at your favorite restaurants.

Federal Laws

Federal CBD regulations are confusing and worded in a way that allows states to do whatever they want. The laws need to be changed, and that fact has been acknowledged by several state-level representatives and the FDA, but real changes are about five years away. Here are the problems that the federal government has caused for CBD users and the CBD industry as a whole.

Traveling Is Difficult

While traveling with CBD isn’t technically illegal across the nation, it is illegal in a few states. Avoiding those states is important if you plan to travel across the country via car. Traveling by plane is nearly impossible due to the FDA’s control over the TSA. Since the FDA won’t allow unapproved CBD products to pass by TSA security, you will have to have a prescription for epilepsy medicine to travel via plane with CBD.

Obviously, you can simply purchase CBD products once you get to your destination to avoid that whole mess, but truck drivers and other people who deliver products around the nation face several major issues. Some workers have had entire truck loads of products taken from them, and some have faced legal problems. Hopefully, the federal government will put a stop to those issues soon.

CBD Is Technically Illegal

You probably don’t know this due to how common CBD is now, but it is technically illegal in a lot of cases. The FDA does not approve of the sale of CBD products. That’s because CBD hasn’t been put through the rigorous testing process that the FDA deems necessary before approving a product for public use.

A lot of CBD advocates try to make it seem as if CBD is completely legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill, but those people often ignore the FDA’s rules. Luckily, most states do that, too. That’s why we all get to enjoy tons of CBD products. If the majority of states suddenly decided to side with the FDA, the CBD industry would not be doing as well as it is now.

Pressure From Several States

The two previous sections covered how the federal government is damaging the CBD industry, but we’re going to talk about what’s being done to fix it in this section.

First, the FDA doesn’t hate CBD. It just wants to test it properly like it does all food and drug products. Unfortunately, CBD became popular so quickly that the FDA is still trying to catch up.

State-level officials are angry about how long it’s taking the FDA to test and regulate CBD in a fair way, and they’re currently pressuring the FDA to work a lot faster. In the beginning, the FDA estimated that it would take nearly ten years to fully test CBD, but with so many state representatives pressuring the organization, it is now estimated that changes will be made within five years. If state representatives keep pressuring the FDA, we might see changes even sooner.

How To Use It

Here are some of the things that you can order online in Wyoming. You can’t buy most CBD items in physical stores in the state, but there are plenty of online retailers that will have what you want.

CBD Edibles

Since you will have to order your CBD products online, your choice of CBD edibles is fairly limited. You can find most of the basic edibles like gummy bears, chocolates, and coffee additives, but things like ice cream and other complex edibles won’t be available until CBD shops start opening up.

If you do purchase edibles online, you have to make sure that you’re buying them from good companies. You’re not just relying on the company to be honest about the amount of CBD in the products, but you’re also relying on the company to provide you with food that is safe to eat. Do not buy food items from shady companies.

Topical Creams

Since you’re forced to purchase CBD products online in Wyoming, you’ll probably want to use a lot of topical CBD creams. They’re easy to find, and you won’t have to worry about a careless manufacturer adding dangerous ingredients to them like you do when you order food items.

When you buy a topical cream, buy one that matches what you need it for. Some creams are designed to help you with skin issues on your face, and some are designed to help you with muscular pains and joint pains.

You also need to ensure that you’re buying CBD products. Some major online retailers only sell products that are made with hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is not CBD, and it does not work as well.

Pet Products

You can find CBD pet products on a lot of different websites, but you should try to buy something that has a good reputation. Pet products are usually consumed, and that means that they need to be healthy and safe for your pet.

Final Thoughts

Wyoming is one of the worst states to live in for stoners, but it’s not a bad state if you just want to use hemp-derived CBD. There are definitely other states that have better laws, but Wyoming is a little more progressive than states like Nebraska and Texas.