Wisconsin is a relatively new addition to the growing CBD industry in the United States. Until June of this year, no one even knew if it was legal to buy CBD. However, a recent law just cleared up some of the confusion a little bit.

However, there are still a lot of sites that are passing around outdated information, and it’s our job to provide you with some updates. If you’re living in Wisconsin, and you want to see the benefits of CBD oil for yourself, keep reading this breakdown of Wisconsin’s laws.

State Laws

Wisconsin is a complicated state to talk about when it comes to CBD. The state had outlawed all forms of recreational cannabis for the longest time, and even its medicinal cannabis laws went through a period of disarray.

Let’s start at the beginning. First, Wisconsin lawmakers tried to legalize medicinal CBD for epilepsy patients, and they followed that with an attempt to legalize medicinal marijuana. That was a major step for Wisconsin, but it was quickly tainted by confused lawmakers.

Shortly after legalizing CBD for medicinal use, the governor of Wisconsin turned around and said that he would not allow anyone to use it. A few days later, the attorney general overturned that decision, and a long fight ensued.

When the 2018 Farm Bill was introduced by the federal government, Wisconsin’s medicinal CBD laws were just starting to get sorted out. In a rush of excitement, a lot of stores started stocking CBD while it was still illegal.

Fast forward to June of 2019, and Wisconsin’s governor signed a bill that legalized recreational CBD products, but he put several restrictions in place. Some of the restrictions are the same things that you’ll see in other states, and some are just odd.

First, Wisconsin has an age limit in place. If you’re under 18, you cannot purchase or use CBD products unless you are prescribed them by a doctor for approved medical conditions. Most other states will allow anyone to use CBD since it’s not an adult product.

Then, you still have to abide by the federal guidelines. CBD products that exceed .3 percent THC will cause you to receive up to six months in prison for the first offense. Any offenses after that will net you up to three years in prison.

Food products that have CBD in them are nearly nonexistent in Wisconsin. The state is very strict about following FDA guidelines. That means that if you’re a retailer, and you put therapeutic claims on your products, you’ll likely get your store shutdown. If you sell any CBD-infused foods, the same thing will happen.

Luckily, truck drivers can feel safe in Wisconsin. Other states with murky laws have been the center of a lot of controversy due to truck drivers being arrested and similar odd behaviors. However, Wisconsin has not tried to stop any shipments of CBD from other states. So, that’s one good thing about Wisconsin’s CBD laws.

You only get to use rather basic CBD products in Wisconsin. Store owners don’t really have the ability to legally sell any of the more fun products, but you can still enjoy a few of the basics.

Although, you will have to provide an I.D. every time you purchase CBD, and you should expect to be questioned by the police if you use it in public. Luckily, we haven’t been able to find any cases of police wrongfully arresting people for CBD possession.

Federal Laws

The federal government seems to care very little about CBD. When they made the 2018 Farm Bill, they basically passed all of the responsibility onto the FDA, TSA, and state-level governments. In general, they don’t seem to care very much unless it helps fund the FDA.

The FDA is one of the biggest opponents of CBD users. While the FDA hasn’t tried to shutdown shops or press charges against CBD users in recent years, its guidelines are ridiculously difficult to follow.

First, nothing can be made with a therapeutic claim attached to it without the FDA demanding a large processing fee, and it won’t approve anything that isn’t epilepsy medicine. That’s helpful for epilepsy users, but what about people who want to use CBD for their anxiety or muscle pains?

Luckily, most states couldn’t care less about the FDA-approval rules, and you can find CBD on store shelves all over the country.

However, a large number of states still enforce some of the FDA’s other rules. Therapeutic claims, food additives, and nicotine alternatives are still facing a lot of scrutiny in the majority of states due to FDA rulings, but they don’t have any negative effects.

Traveling with CBD is also a major problem due to federal laws. The federal government doesn’t ban traveling with CBD, but states have so much power over the regulation of CBD that people don’t know what to expect when they simply cross state lines for a little bit. They might find even better products for them to use, or they might get arrested for no reason.

Overall, the federal government has just caused a lot of problems for CBD users, and there probably won’t be many changes within the foreseeable future.

How To Use It

Your options are pretty scarce in Wisconsin. Since the state values the FDA’s guidelines so much, you probably won’t be able to find a lot of the things that people enjoy in other states. However, we can go over the basic items that you’re likely to find.


This is the only consumable CBD item that you will legally find in Wisconsin. It’s just the oil that is extracted from hemp plants, and it is often diluted with another edible oil.

This carries all of the benefits of CBD, but it works slowly when it comes to muscle pains. Psychiatric issues and disabilities such as epilepsy can be treated very quickly with this, though.

If you’re particularly clever, you might want to use this to make some of the items that you can’t buy in Wisconsin. It’s not illegal for you to mix CBD into your food or drink items on your own, and CBD oil is the perfect product to use when you make those concoctions.

Just try not to go overboard when you’re mixing your own concoctions. If you add too much, you might get really nauseous, or you might suffer from a really bad headache. That only happens to people who have negative reactions to CBD, but you never know if that will happen to you until you use it for the first time.

Topical Ointments

This category covers everything from muscle creams to lotions. The main differences between topical creams are the CBD content and the recommended application area.

Some creams are marketed as facial creams that help with aging problems or acne, and other creams are marketed as if they’re muscle creams for athletes. None of them should make any therapeutic claims on the packaging that they come in. If they do, they’re illegal in Wisconsin.

You really just have to find a cream that is marketed to work for the issue you’re suffering from.

CBD Toiletries

Besides topical creams, you can also find some bathroom-oriented CBD products. Bath bombs, body sprays, soaps, and other bathroom items are quite popular, and CBD-infused versions can make your bathroom experience more enjoyable.

If you decide to stock your bathroom up with several versions of these products, it’s best to use them sparingly until you know how you’ll react. Even though you don’t digest these products, you will still absorb the CBD through your skin and airways. If you use too much at one time, there can be some minor side-effects. Of course, none of the side-effects can hurt you, but they are annoying. See how you react to these products before using them on a daily basis.

Pet Products

Pet products are okay in Wisconsin, but you’ll only be able to buy the sprays. The food laws that pertain to humans also affect pets.

If you want to help your pet with their chronic pain or psychiatric issues, you can spray their food with these products. They don’t contain a lot of CBD, but they’ll help your pets out quite a bit.

Benefits Of CBD

  • Treats depression with daily use
  • Treats anxiety with daily use
  • Treats chronic pain caused by muscle injuries and arthritis
  • Treats epilepsy
  • Treats a wide range of psychiatric issues
  • Provides a soothing sensation

Final Thoughts

Wisconsin is not a great place for CBD users. You might be able to get the basic items, but none of the innovative products that other states allow are legal in Wisconsin. If your mind is set on using CBD, you might want to consider another state.

The state’s governor is working on making things better for cannabis users now, but he is facing a lot of strong opposition, and it’s unlikely that anything positive will happen for quite some time.