Utah was extremely prohibitive when it came to cannabis in 2018. In fact, you pretty much had to be on your deathbed just to get CBD that was derived from marijuana. 2019 saw a lot of changes to Utah’s prohibitive laws, though. Now, the CBD industry is flourishing in Utah, and the state has a new crop that can thrive in its arid agricultural environments.

State Laws

This section will highlight the state laws that you’ll need to know about if you want to use or sell CBD in Utah.

Is CBD Legal In Utah?

We have to divide this answer into two separate parts. One form of CBD is legal in Utah, and the other isn’t.

First, marijuana-derived CBD is still illegal unless you have an illness that will most likely end your life. Until 2019, that meant that you couldn’t get CBD to treat any minor ailments. You had to be on your deathbed to enjoy a product that didn’t even get you high most of the time.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, Utah’s state officials have decided to legalize hemp-derived CBD. It’s pretty much the same thing as marijuana-derived CBD, but it has even less THC. So, it cannot get you high under normal circumstances, but it can still treat all of the illnesses and ailments that marijuana-derived CBD can. In time, Utah’s state officials might decide to legalize marijuana-derived CBD, but that won’t happen anytime soon.

Can I Grow Hemp In Utah?

Industrial hemp has helped boost Utah’s economy quite a bit. That might have something to do with the state-level government’s decision to help the CBD industry grow. Utah isn’t a great environment for most of the crops that Americans rely on. However, hemp can thrive in Utah. Since it can grow quickly and in large amounts, Utah can grow plenty of hemp for its residents, and the state’s officials can export some of the crops to bring in extra revenue for the state.

Obviously, Utah’s state officials want to protect the growth of such a beneficial crop. So, they’ve passed a bill that prevents anyone from growing hemp unless they are licensed by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. You need a license through the UDAF to grow or sell CBD products, and growing plants illegally will get you thrown in jail very quickly.

What Is Hemp-Derived CBD?

As we said earlier, you can only buy hemp-derived CBD in Utah. Well, what’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Marijuana-derived CBD can have as much as 28-percent THC in it. That’s more than enough to get you high, but most products only have 6-percent THC. That can get some people slightly high, but it won’t get them stoned, and experienced marijuana users probably won’t experience any psychoactive effects.

Hemp-derived CBD is extracted from hemp plants, and it only contains a maximum amount of .3 percent THC. That’s not enough to get anyone high unless they abuse it. For example, you’d have to chug several bottles of hemp-derived CBD oil just to feel slightly high. We don’t suggest doing that. You’ll definitely clean out your digestive system if you do.

That’s one of the biggest benefits of hemp-derived CBD, and it’s why most states don’t have a problem with it. You can use it to treat minor ailments, and it won’t affect how productive or lively you are throughout your day.

To tell if a CBD product is derived from hemp, you can simply read the label. If it has less than .3 percent THC, it’s a hemp product. If it doesn’t have a label, or if it exceeds .3 percent CBD, it’s a marijuana product, and you should consider it to be illegal in Utah. .

Can I Sell CBD Products?

You can create a small CBD business if you want. Of course, you’ll have to abide by Utah’s small business laws, and you’ll have to get a license from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

Beyond that, you’ll have to willingly submit samples of your products from every batch you make. The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food uses those samples to test THC levels in your products, and it uses those sample to create detailed ingredient lists that ensure that your customers know what they’re buying. Utah’s state officials do not allow retailers or manufacturers to put whatever they want on their CBD labels like many other states do.

That’s actually a positive thing, though. In many other states, CBD users have to worry about purchasing products that don’t actually contain CBD, and some of the products are dangerous when shady retailers try to cash in on the CBD craze. Having retailers and manufacturers submit samples of their products keeps Utah’s residents informed and safe. It also increases the overall quality of the products being sold in the state.

Are Any CBD Products Banned In Utah?

Surprisingly, Utah’s state officials have not tried to limit the kinds of products that CBD users can buy. Since the state has a long history of being against cannabis, most people expected Utah’s state officials to ban food items, dietary supplements, and a lot of other CBD products. They haven’t done that, though.

The only products that are not legal for most people to use are marijuana-derived CBD products, and those are legal in the state if you have a medical marijuana card.

That means that you can legally purchase food items, drinks, dietary supplements, and all other hemp-derived CBD products without worrying about legal issues.

What Stores Sell CBD, And Where Should I Buy It?

The CBD craze has enticed a lot of different businesses to start stocking CBD products. Unless you live in a rural area, you can probably buy CBD products at your local general store. Many startup companies have also formed around the CBD industry, and they’re probably the best places for you to purchase your CBD products from.

Finally, you can purchase CBD online if you want to. It’s a little unnecessary in Utah, though. Most stores have started selling CBD, and Utah’s long list of laws that affect manufacturers make it difficult for retailers to sell low-quality products. However, if you live in a rural environment, you might want to have your favorite products delivered to your door. Just be careful when you shop for CBD online. A lot of malicious people have tried to sell low-quality or dangerous CBD products on the internet.

Federal Laws

The federal CBD laws haven’t affected Utah’s state-level laws very much. The state’s officials have decided to legalize many of the things that aren’t legal on the federal level.

So, in this section, we’ll just tell you about a few of the things that the federal government has affected.

Legality Of CBD

The FDA guidelines state that CBD is not generally regarded as safe, and it shouldn’t be sold or used until the FDA properly tests it. That means that CBD is technically illegal on the federal level due to the FDA’s guidelines. The guidelines override the 2018 Farm Bill.

That’s why most states have legalized CBD while also restricting certain products, and some states have completely banned it. Obviously, that makes it kind of confusing when you try to figure out if you can use CBD or not.


Traveling with CBD is difficult to do because of the issues we talked about in the previous section, but it’s also difficult because of the FDA’s guidelines.

First, the different laws between states mean that you can legally purchase CBD before you go on a trip, and then you can end up in jail when you cross another state’s borders.

Also, TSA agents won’t allow you on an airplane with CBD unless it is a prescribed medication. Usually, that means that you have to be dying, and most terminally ill people don’t hop on planes very often. So, it might as well be entirely illegal.

Nonsensical Laws

The federal laws have helped create some very odd laws in several states. For example, Massachusetts lets you smoke weed on your porch like it’s a normal cigarette, but you can’t use hemp-derived CBD products. That doesn’t make much sense. Laws like that are in several states, and it makes it very confusing for CBD users.

How To Use It

Utah’s CBD industry is young, but it’s thriving, and it doesn’t have any serious restrictions that prevent consumers from really enjoying CBD. Here are some of the CBD products you’ll see on Utah’s store shelves.

CBD Muscle Cream

If you’ve ever put your body to the test, you know how annoying muscle pains can be. You probably know what it’s like to take Advil frequently, too. Well, CBD muscle cream can get rid of those problems for you. The cream has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat most muscle pains, and it won’t have negative affects on your liver and other internal organs like frequently abusing pain relievers will.

CBD Facial Cream

The cosmetic industry makes millions by marketing various anti-aging creams to women. A lot of those products are extremely expensive, and some of them simply don’t work. However, there is a cheaper option for women who don’t like seeing the effects of aging. CBD facial creams can tighten your skin, and they can clear up blemishes.

Pet Products

Pets often suffer from health problems as they age, and sometimes they suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. CBD pet products can treat those issues, and they can help pets live happier lives. If your pet is having issues due to age or a mental disorder, you might want to consider buying some CBD pet treats.

Final Thoughts

Utah might not be known for being friendly to cannabis users, but the state has recently given hemp-derived CBD users a lot of new rights, and that’s a big step in the right direction. If you like weed, you probably won’t like Utah. However, CBD-users in Utah have a lot to celebrate.