The country’s smallest state has had a hard time catching up with the rest of the country. While CBD is legal in Rhode Island, the state’s regulations are a little more strict than what you’d expect them to be.

We’ll get into the different ways that Rhode Island regulates CBD, and we’ll discuss some of the things that the state’s officials are doing to make the regulations a little easier to deal with. Towards the end of this article, we’ll tell you about some of the best products that Rhode Island has to offer.

State Laws

First and foremost, CBD is legal in Rhode Island. The 2018 Farm Bill changed the minds of state officials, and they got rid of their extremely harsh bans on CBD. Before the 2018 Farm Bill, Rhode Island’s state officials considered it to be a marijuana product, and CBD users were punished as if they were using marijuana.

Now, you can buy CBD in a variety of different stores, but your options are very limited. State regulations prohibit THC in any amount. So, the usual .3 percent limit doesn’t apply to Rhode Island’s regulations. You simply can’t have any of it.

That obviously makes it harder to find CBD products that are worth using. The products that do line Rhode Island’s shelves are made from hemp seeds and stalks, and they’re not as good as the products that are made from the entire plant. They have lower concentrations of CBD, and that makes them less effective in general.

You can import CBD products if you live in Rhode Island, but it’s expensive to do that, and you risk getting ripped off by foreign manufacturers if you don’t research who you’re buying the products from. For instance, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and other undesirable ingredients have been found in Chinese CBD products, and sometimes they didn’t even contain CBD. They were just odd concoctions that were filled with toxic ingredients.

As you can imagine, Rhode Island’s officials also don’t like it when you try to import CBD products that contain trace amounts of THC. You can be charged for marijuana possession, or your products can be confiscated the second they cross state lines.

Luckily, reputable online dealers will not ship products that aren’t compliant with state regulations, and they have a firm grasp on the different laws that affect different states. So, if you buy from a reputable dealer, they’ll keep anything bad from happening to you by simply refusing to send you illegal products. That’s also a good way to avoid CBD retailers who have bad reputations. If they’re willing to ship you illegal products, they’re probably not worth buying from.

Rhode Island’s state officials are working on those regulations, though. With surrounding states becoming more and more lenient when it comes to CBD, Rhode Island’s state officials are feeling the pressure to adjust their own laws. A lift on the THC ban is expected by next year.

Other regulations in Rhode Island are pretty standard. You can’t buy food items, and you can’t buy anything that’s marketed as a therapeutic product. We can’t talk too negatively about those regulations. Most other states have them, too. One regulation really stands out, though. Hemp plants cannot be grown for commercial use. They have to be grown to serve the industrial sector. If plants are specifically grown for commercial use, they are illegal, and every product derived from them is illegal, too. However, that’s all likely to change within the next few years.

Federal Laws

The federal government’s stance on CBD regulation is a little odd. CBD isn’t really a concern in the eyes of the president, congress, or the supreme court. They all cared more about legalizing industrial hemp to boost the economy, and they knew that industrial hemp could be used to make a lot of construction materials and household items. They weren’t trying to legalize CBD, and they really didn’t care if states started legalizing it.

However, the FDA does care about CBD. FDA officials seem to be against CBD every time they speak about it, and they aren’t trying to make it easier for state governments to regulate it. In fact, they’ve essentially banned CBD across the country by saying that any unapproved products are illegal. Well, the only approved product is a medicine that is designed to treat epilepsy. Luckily, most states don’t seem to care about what the FDA says.

The FDA’s regulations have hurt the CBD industry in several ways, though. While most states still allow retailers to sell certain forms of CBD, other states don’t allow CBD to be sold at all. That makes it difficult for manufacturers to send their products around the country, and it makes it difficult for states to regulate CBD without agitating the FDA.

How To Use It

Since THC is banned in Rhode Island, you’ll have to purchase products that only contain CBD. If any amount of THC is present in a CBD product that you purchase, it is considered marijuana, and you will be charged accordingly. Keep that in mind if you try to purchase any of the products we list in the following section. You can get them, but you must ensure that they are THC-free.

CBD Lotion

CBD lotion is popular with athletes who constantly experience joint injuries. Skateboarders, BMX riders, football players, baseball players, gymnasts, and other athletes have started using CBD lotion to combat the negative effects that their passions have on their bodies.

It’s pretty simple to use, too. If you’re prone to experiencing joint pain, you can apply some CBD lotion before participating in the activity that causes the pain, and then you can apply it again before you go to bed. The CBD lotion will decrease inflammation in your joints, and it’ll keep them from hurting when you’re competing or practicing.

If you follow the instructions above, you’ll have an easier time doing those athletic activities as you age, and you’ll be less likely to suffer from crippling arthritis when you’re older. The average athlete will start to notice the difference that CBD lotion makes once they get into their late twenties and early thirties.

CBD Patches

If you want to experience the same benefits that CBD lotion provides, but you don’t have enough time to apply lotion twice a day, you can use a CBD patch. Instead of applying it to the spot that gives you the most problems, you stick it on your arm like a nicotine patch, and it slowly releases its CBD compound into your bloodstream. It provides the same benefits, but it lasts a lot longer, and it’s a lot easier to use if you work long hours at a labor job.

It won’t work as quickly as CBD lotion, though. So, try to apply the patch several hours before you start doing anything. That will give it a chance to start taking effect before you need it.


If you’re a little bummed out about the food ban in Rhode Island, you can buy CBD oil. If you buy CBD oil, you can make the CBD food items that you want in the comfort of your own home. You’ll want to experiment with different recipes, and you’ll want to buy a high-quality CBD oil, but it’ll allow you to have access to things that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to use.

Whenever you use CBD oil to create a CBD food item, you have to take into account that it’s extra oil in your recipe. You won’t want to add a lot, but make sure to cut back on any other oils you use if you decide to add CBD oil.

CBD Pet Products

Sadly, CBD pet products are considered therapeutic products. So, you can’t purchase them in Rhode Island. Hopefully, the upcoming changes to Rhode Island’s regulations will change that, but it’s illegal for now.

CBD Benefits

As you can tell from our list of products, CBD can help athletes quite a bit. Its anti-inflammatory properties help a lot with joint pain and other types of pain that stem from participating in lots of physical activities. However, it’s also good for a lot of other reasons.

People who suffer from clinical anxiety or depression can use CBD products to help regulate their moods. It’s not recommended to forego modern medicine entirely when you suffer from such ailments, but it can help if your normal medications aren’t cutting it. If you don’t have serious forms of anxiety or depression, CBD can be used to help get you through a few bad days. Try to get help if it becomes a serious issue, though.

CBD can also benefit people who have arthritis or pain that’s the result of a serious injury. Using CBD on a daily basis can help regulate the pain, and it can allow people who suffer from chronic pain to live normal lives.

Final Thoughts

Right now, Rhode Island isn’t a very CBD-friendly state. It’s certainly not the worst state when it comes to its CBD regulations, but it’s also not one that we would tell CBD users to move to.

Hopefully, Rhode Island’s state officials will successfully change the state’s CBD regulations within the next year.