Pennsylvania And CBD

Pennsylvania has pretty standard CBD laws. It is legal to purchase hemp-derived CBD without a prescription, but you have to follow several rules that are commonly found in other states. Let’s get into those rules and break them down.

State Laws

Since Pennsylvania has such standard CBD laws, and not many of them stick out, we’ll separate this section into a few subcategories, and you can check out the regulation you want without having to dig through a bunch of text.

Is It Legal?

CBD that is derived from hemp plants is completely legal for recreational use in Pennsylvania. You don’t need a prescription for it, and you can buy it just about anywhere.

Is It Age Restricted?

CBD doesn’t have a set age limit in Pennsylvania, but you should still carry your identification card or license when you go to purchase it. Most stores aren’t allowing young children to purchase CBD, and some are requiring consumers to be above the age of 18 before they purchase it. You are very likely to be asked for your identification card when you try to purchase CBD products.

This isn’t an actual regulation. Store owners are simply trying to stay on the good side of the law, and until Pennsylvania’s state officials create proper age restrictions, store owners have to try to cover their own backs to keep lawmakers from making their lives difficult. It’s inconvenient, but can you imagine what state officials might think if tons of kids were running around with cannabis products?

What About Therapeutic Products?

Therapeutic CBD products aren’t illegal in Pennsylvania, but therapeutic claims are completely banned. Packages cannot have any therapeutic claims on them, and product names, slogans, and other marketing tools cannot elude to the idea that a product can help with any sort of ailment. What’s worse is that retailers can’t even make those claims. If you try to go to your local gas station to purchase CBD oil, the clerk cannot tell you what the products are good for. If you want to know any of that information, you have to research CBD on your own.

Luckily, there are a lot of online resources that cover the benefits of CBD in detail, and we try to touch on the different benefits in each of our state-based articles. So, you shouldn’t have any problems learning about CBD on your own.

Are Food Items Legal?

CBD food items are not legal in Pennsylvania. State officials are sticking to the government’s guidelines, and they’re not willing to allow retailers to sell edibles. That’s entirely due to the stranglehold that the FDA has on the CBD industry, and that might change within a few years. However, you’ll have to stick to using oil or topical products for now.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy CBD in practically any store in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s CBD industry has grown quite a bit over the last year, and since the state doesn’t require retailers to get specific licenses, most businesses have tried to get a piece of the CBD pie. The wide availability of CBD hasn’t just made it easier for consumers to get their hands on CBD products. It has also boosted Pennsylvania’s economy by quite a bit.

Do I Need A Medical Marijuana Card To Go Dispensaries?

You might have heard that Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana dispensaries are selling really high-quality CBD oil, and you might want to get some for yourself. Well, you actually can’t. That’s not the same as the CBD that is sold in stores. It’s a high-potency version that contains tons of THC. You have to be suffering from a terminal illness to get your hands on it, and if you manage to get some illegally, you’ll be charged as if you were in possession of a large amount of marijuana. Pennsylvania’s marijuana laws are pretty strict, too. So, we recommend sticking to the products that you can purchase legally. Otherwise, you might just find yourself in prison.

What Is The THC Limit?

Pennsylvania follows the same federal THC limit that most other states follow. You can have up to .3 percent THC in your CBD products. If they contain more than that, you’re in violation of Pennsylvania’s strict marijuana laws. The only exception to that rule is that people who have a medical marijuana card can buy very specific products from a dispensary that have more than .3 percent THC. That doesn’t mean that they can buy an ounce of weed from their local dealer, though. They can only buy what the dispensary provides, and all products that come from a dispensary must remain in their original containers.

Can I Grow It?

The only way for you to grow hemp in Pennsylvania without breaking the law is to join the industrial hemp program. That basically means that you’ll have to get a job with a major company to grow hemp, and the hemp that you grow obviously won’t be yours. You can’t just grow a personal stockpile in your basement.

Can I Travel With My CBD Products?

If you stay in Pennsylvania, you can go wherever you want with your CBD products. The laws and regulations are the exact same in every city, and state officials don’t care if you drive around with it. However, you should be very careful if you leave Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s law enforcement officers might not give you any problems, but you live next to several states that aren’t as CBD-friendly. You should definitely research the states that surround Pennsylvania before you decide to haul a bunch of CBD products across state lines.

Does Pennsylvania Strictly Enforce These Rules?

Pennsylvania’s law enforcement officers and state officials strictly follow the regulations that they have in place. If you think that you can get away with something that is just slightly illegal, you should be prepared to face marijuana charges. The state’s officials are completely in support of CBD, but they aren’t messing around.

Federal Laws

If you’ve read any of our other guides, you know that the federal government really doesn’t think very highly of CBD. In fact, it’s not even on the radar of most government officials. The FDA is the only federal agency that actually seems to care about it, and the FDA just wants to keep it in a stranglehold.

That’s why Pennsylvania’s laws are so strict. The state’s officials fully support recreational CBD, but they aren’t willing to fight the federal government or the FDA. Since the federal government’s laws are so strict, and Pennsylvania is following those laws, Pennsylvania is a strict state that won’t be satisfactory for a lot of CBD users.

How To Use It

You have access to quite a few different products despite the strict rules in Pennsylvania. We’ll take the time to go over some of them here. If you decide to purchase any of these products online, you should only buy them from trustworthy sources. If you don’t, you might get a product that doesn’t actually contain CBD. Even worse, you might get something that counts as a marijuana product.


This is the most basic form of CBD on the market. The only product that you can possibly get that is more simplistic is raw hemp, and that isn’t sold in Pennsylvania.

It’s just the oil that is extracted from hemp plants, and it is put in a carrier oil. The quality of the carrier oil is dependent on the manufacturer, and you should research any oils that you intend to buy.

While it is rather basic, CBD oil is also very flexible. You can make food items, drinks, and infusions with it, and you can take it by itself. You’ll get the same benefits regardless of what you do with it.

CBD Lotions And Creams

CBD lotions and creams are pretty much the same things. They’re topical ointments that you rub on your skin, and they’re usually used to relieve pain. Some facial creams are designed to help with the aging process and acne, though. These are just as common as regular CBD oil, and you can purchase them just about anywhere.

Pet Products

Sadly, most pet products have therapeutic claims attached to them. That means that they’re illegal in Pennsylvania, and they’ll probably get confiscated if you try to get them mailed to your house. Luckily, you can still buy pet products that don’t have therapeutic claims on them. They’re hard to find, but they do exist. Just make sure to read the packaging very carefully, and be prepared to spend a lot of time searching online.

Final Thoughts

Pennsylvania just has standard CBD laws. There isn’t anything complicated about the laws in Pennsylvania, but they’re not the best. CBD users will probably be disappointed by the food item ban, and the lack of support from state officials just makes it worse. You probably won’t see any changes to these laws until the federal government changes its own laws.