CBD users and retailers in Ohio have a lot to celebrate, now. New laws have recently been signed, and they took effect on July 29th.

Now, you can freely purchase your favorite CBD-infused creams, sprays, and other standard items without worrying about the police hassling you.

However, Ohio still has several regulations that you should know about before you start stockpiling CBD in your house. Let’s dig into them.

State Laws

Until July 29th, CBD was illegal in Ohio. The only way you could get a hold of any sort of CBD was if you got a prescription from a doctor. You also had to buy it from a marijuana dispensary.

That didn’t stop CBD sales from happening in Ohio, though. Plenty of stores still sold the products, but they were constantly worried that police would seize their stock, and that they’d be charged as if they were selling marijuana.

The confusion was caused by a law that was meant to legalize medical marijuana last year, but the law treated all hemp products the same way it treated marijuana products.

That’s why the new law was recently passed. Ohio’s governor and the Ohio General Assembly decided to put a stop to the raids on retail establishments and the unnecessary arrests.

The law immediately legalized the sale and possession of CBD products, but retailers still have to ensure that their products only have trace amounts of THC.

However, other regulations have not been put in place by the state. At the moment, most retailers and manufacturers are following the federal regulations that have guided states such as New York and Nebraska. This is mostly an issue that retailers will have to deal with. The police aren’t going to arrest you for possessing a bottle of tea that has CBD in it, but they might take action against retailers that sell products like that until the state creates its own regulations.

Another issue has popped up due to Ohio’s slow reaction to the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp cultivation was illegal, and Ohio’s hemp industry is far behind the industries of neighboring states. That makes it more difficult for Ohio stores to stock their shelves with products that are made in Ohio, and retailers will be forced to import their goods from other states. That lowers the amount of benefits that Ohio’s economy will see, and it will take a while for the full effect of CBD legalization to become apparent.

In general, you can purchase CBD products freely, and Ohio retailers can stop worrying about their stores. However, you shouldn’t expect to see a lot of edibles or drinks on store shelves, though. Most places are using the federal CBD regulations as guidelines. Some stores are utilizing the state’s lack of regulations to justify the sale of those products, though. As time goes on, you’re likely to see a lot of positive advancements in the state of Ohio.

Federal Laws

Federal laws have held CBD back in a lot of states, but they’ve also given states some basic guidelines to help them create their own regulations. Ohio is a good example of this.

Since Ohio was very slow to react to the 2018 Farm Bill, they don’t have their own regulations, yet. They don’t even have their own hemp crops cultivated. So, the very basic guidelines provided by the 2018 Farm Bill have given retailers and manufacturers some basic rules to follow. Hopefully, that will prevent anymore raids or arrests from happening in the state.

The federal guidelines have also caused trouble for states like New York, though. They’ve forced some states to ban things that they otherwise wouldn’t care about, and that limits consumers in a negative way.

Airports and distribution companies have also felt the negative effects of the federal government’s guidelines. TSA agents are forced to punish potential passengers unless their CBD products are FDA-approved, and that causes a lot of issues since the FDA won’t approve anything besides epilepsy medicine.

Distribution companies have been affected because their drivers keep getting pulled over while hauling products across state lines. That has led to millions of dollars’ worth of products being seized, and a lot of truck drivers have faced charges that they shouldn’t have had to. Luckily, most of them have been let off the hook.

The FDA’s rules about therapeutic claims and food additives have forced some states to completely ban consumables, and there are no states that allow companies to make therapeutic claims because of the rules. That makes it harder for companies to market their products in an effective manner, and it keeps consumers from enjoying some of the delicious CBD treats that are only available in states that don’t care about the FDA’s rules.

How To Use It

Your options are a bit complicated in Ohio. Some retailers are following federal guidelines, and some are simply doing whatever they want. So, we’ll tell you about a variety of products, but you might have to shop around to find some of them in Ohio.

CBD Topical Cream

This is a fairly standard product, and you can find it just about anywhere in Ohio. In short, it’s just a topical cream that you can use like Icy Hot or any other muscle cream. However, CBD cream is completely natural, and it works differently on a chemical level.

If you’re having any muscle cramps or aches, you can rub a small amount on the affected area to relieve your pain in a relatively short amount of time. However, you’ll want to take it slow when you first start using it. The CBD in the cream can cause you to get a little nauseous, and it might give you a headache. To see if that’s the case with you, you should use a small amount the first few times you use it.


Dip is also known as chewing tobacco, but there’s a new form of dip that doesn’t have any tobacco in it. It’s called CannaDip. CannaDip is a tobacco alternative that is made entirely out of hemp and CBD oil. There’s a THC version available in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, but you won’t be able to use that version in Ohio. Marijuana is still illegal in Ohio.

This product comes in a small tin that resembles a normal dip tin, but it has small pouches that are stuffed with hemp that has extra CBD oil coating it. It’s a rather slow product, but it allows you to consistently feel the soothing effect of CBD over a long period of time.

This isn’t a product for beginners, though. It’s slow acting, but it’s packed with CBD. If you haven’t used CBD before, you might get a nasty headache from CannaDip. That’s a possibility with any CBD product, but CannaDip’s potency makes it more likely.

Gummy Candy

Some stores are selling gummy candies that are infused with CBD. Stores that are following federal guidelines won’t sell these products, but some companies are still selling them.

These are usually gummy bears or worms that are infused with a specific amount of CBD per gummy. If you’re a gummy freak, you’ll love these. However, you should refrain from eating an entire bag. You only need a couple to feel the effects of the CBD. They’re kind of like THC candies. If you take too many, the effects will be compounded. You might not get high from CBD candies, but you might get very tired, or you might get a really bad headache. If you eat way too many, your headache might last for hours.

Pet Products

Pet products have been banned in some states, but you can legally purchase them in Ohio. You can even order them online. Just make sure that you don’t buy them from a company that has a bad reputation.

These products are useful if you have a pet that is really anxious. They can also help with the symptoms of cancer or other diseases that affect dogs as they age. Think of them as a way to keep your aging dog comfortable as it lives out its twilight years. Instead of putting your dog down due to a terminal illness, you can give it some CBD to allow it to live normally as nature takes its toll. The boost in moral might even help your dog live longer.

Final Thoughts

Right now, Ohio is a pretty confusing state when it comes to CBD laws. CBD is legal in Ohio, but the state doesn’t have its own regulations yet, and farmers are just now starting to cultivate their own hemp crops.

That has given some retailers the ability to sell a wide range of products, but it has made more cautious retailers limit themselves to selling topical creams and oils.

As time goes on, CBD regulations will continue to be fleshed out in Ohio, and it’ll be a lot easier for retailers to do what they want. Consumers don’t have to worry about that very much, though. If anything, your options will just get better as time passes.