A lot of states have willingly gone against the FDA’s rules when creating their own CBD regulations, and the residents of those states are enjoying an exploding CBD market with countless new products that they can buy and use.

That is not what North Carolina’s state officials have done. North Carolina’s officials have decided to strictly enforce the FDA’s rules, and that has led to a rather poor CBD market in the state, and CBD users don’t have a lot to choose from in North Carolina.

We’ll go into it in detail, now.

State Laws

First, if you’re wondering if CBD is legal in North Carolina, the answer is that it technically is. You won’t find much more than CBD oil, though.

Unlike some other states, North Carolina has decided to follow and enforce the FDA’s regulations. Therapeutic claims, food items, beverages, and alcoholic products are all illegal in North Carolina. Technically, they’re illegal on the federal level until the FDA approves them, but since most states don’t bother to support the FDA, retailers can get away with it in other states. In North Carolina, you will face some pretty intimidating legal consequences if you’re caught selling or buying any of those products.

Now, you might expect North Carolina to be a lot like other states that ban food items and therapeutic claims. You would be wrong. Most other states that enforce the FDA’s rules still allow other basic CBD items to be sold. Things like bath bombs and concentrated pastes are common in some of the harshest states. In North Carolina, even those basic items are hard to get a hold of. Most of them are marketed with minor therapeutic claims, and North Carolina isn’t willing to turn a blind eye to that.

That’s considered to be an odd direction for North Carolina. North Carolina was one of the first states to start cultivating its own industrial hemp crops. State officials didn’t even wait for the 2018 Farm Bill before they started handing out applications to potential hemp farmers.

They were trying to stay ahead of the curve, and they were leading the hemp industry in 2015. However, once CBD oil was actually legalized, they chose not to take full advantage of their large hemp crops by fully legalizing CBD.

Luckily, the state’s officials seem to be basing all of their opinions on CBD on the FDA’s guidelines. While they’re not doing much to help the CBD industry grow, they’ll likely become more lenient within the next few years when the FDA is pressured into changing its regulations.

If you want to grow hemp, you’ll be happy to know that North Carolina is a great state for growers. It’s easy to apply for a license, and you are legally allowed to extract your own CBD oil once you have a grower’s license. So, it’s not all bad news for North Carolina’s residents.

There’s not much else to talk about when it comes to North Carolina’s CBD laws. You can take your CBD oil wherever you want in the state, and you can purchase CBD oil at any age. You just can’t buy anything besides CBD oil.

Federal Laws

The federal laws concerning CBD are confusing. On one hand, the 2018 Farm Bill is the biggest change to the hemp and CBD industries that the country has ever seen. It led to hemp farms being cultivated around the country, and it technically legalized CBD products.

On the other hand, it allowed the FDA to essentially ban any CBD products that mention CBD’s benefits, and food items are completely illegal if you ask the FDA. The FDA hasn’t openly said that it’s against CBD, but it demands that manufacturers enlist all of their products that fall under its jurisdiction into their approval program, and it does’t want to actually approve anything.

The FDA’s harsh stance has scared some states such as North Carolina into submission, but others have completely ignored it. Fortunately, the FDA can’t do much to the states that have ignored it. It just doesn’t have the power to barge into a state, and then forcefully shutdown companies that it disagrees with.

The TSA has been affected quite a bit by the FDA’s guidelines. TSA agents are obligated to call law enforcement officers if CBD users attempt to bring unapproved products onto airplanes. In CBD-friendly states, that’s just a minor inconvenience. In states like North Carolina, it can lead to you doing some time in prison.

Luckily, more and more state officials are pressuring the FDA cut it out. Oregon, California, Illinois, and several other states have openly opposed the FDA, and that opposition is expected to grow over the next few years. Within five or six years, we should see entirely new CBD laws on the federal level.

How To Use It

Since you can only use CBD oil in North Carolina, this section is going to be a bit shorter than usual. Hopefully, you’ll be able to experience some of the more interesting CBD products within the next few years.

To use CBD oil, you simply pour some onto a spoon, and then take it like cough syrup. You can get creative with it, though. You can mix it in with food items. Just make sure you do that in the comfort of your own home.

Why Should You Use CBD Oil?

CBD is essentially the part of cannabis that doesn’t make you high. So, why would you want to use it? Well, contrary to what a lot of people believe, it’s not just a less fun version of weed. It’s a naturally occurring chemical that can treat a large variety of common ailments.

Since CBD is heavily regulated in North Carolina, and you might not know much about it due to that sad fact, we’re going to talk about some of the reasons that you should integrate CBD into your daily routine.

It Treats Major Illnesses

It’s illegal for manufacturers to make these claims on their packaging, but CBD has been proven to treat severe epilepsy, and most research shows that it can help with a number of psychological issues such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

When epilepsy sufferers are having seizures, CBD can calm their body within a matter of seconds. That can be insanely useful, and it can save the lives of people who suffer from very severe cases of epilepsy. Their chances of falling or otherwise hurting themselves during a seizure are greatly lowered.

CBD also helps prevent some of the negative effects of the more severe psychological disorders, and it’s more natural than any pharmaceutical drug. However, you should talk to a doctor before trying to use CBD as a treatment for your psychological disorder.

It Quickly Relieves Pain

If you have arthritis, or if you frequently engage in very strenuous physical activities, you probably feel a lot pain in your day to day life. CBD can treat that pain more naturally and more effectively than the Ibuprofen or Tylenol that you’re probably taking everyday.

It’s an anti-inflammatory substance, and it helps to reduce the core causes of those pains.

Anti-Aging Properties

If you’re into using anti-aging products to combat wrinkles and other signs of aging, you can use CBD-infused facial creams to reduce the appearance of those things. CBD creams don’t contain all of the harmful chemicals that are often found in popular anti-aging products, and they work surprisingly well. They can also balance out your mood as they absorb into your skin. What other facial creams do you know that do that?


Since CBD is an anti-inflammatory substance, it can reduce swelling in your pores, and that helps keep them from clogging up when they’re exposed to dirt and oil. If you have a lot of acne, CBD can keep you from using harsh chemicals that often burn or otherwise damage your skin.

It can also be used to help with more serious skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Manufacturers can’t make that claim, but it has been proven to work for those conditions.

Pet Comfort

A lot of us have dealt with a pet that just can’t handle being around crowds or being on its own while we’re at work. That’s a minor inconvenience for us, but it actually lowers the pet’s quality of life.

If you have a pet that can’t stand crowds, you can give it CBD before putting it in situations that will force it to be around crowds, and it’ll feel a lot calmer and more relaxed. If your pet gets depressed when you go to work every day, you can give it a little CBD before you head out for the day, and it’ll feel a lot happier while you’re gone.

Finally, you can also use CBD to help your pet if it’s reaching that later stage of its life, and it’s suffering from pain or an illness. It’s never a positive experience when a pet is going through something like that, and a lot of owners choose to put their pets down instead of watching them suffer. Now that you know about CBD, you don’t have to make that difficult decision.

Final Thoughts

North Carolina isn’t as harsh as Ohio when it comes to CBD, but it’s still a horrible place for CBD users to live. You can only find CBD oil in North Carolina, and the state’s officials have no problems arresting people for something as simple as a pint of CBD ice cream.

Luckily, all of those negative points are due to the state’s officials wanting to appease the FDA. The state’s laws will most likely change within the next few years when the FDA is forced to change its own rules.