The residents of New Mexico have been enjoying plenty of new CBD products for a fairly long time, now. However, they were enjoying them illegally until a couple of months ago.

New Mexico hasn’t been very harsh when it comes to CBD, but state officials never officially signed any bills that legalized it. They only officially legalized the growth of hemp plants. So, for the longest time, they’ve simply turned a blind eye to CBD retailers and users. That is mostly due to how the FDA insists on prohibiting the vast majority of CBD products.

Now, state officials have signed the first bill that ensures that local CBD retailers can continue to sell their products, and they’re not too worried about the FDA’s prohibitions.

They have adopted a few of the FDA’s guidelines to help regulate the new products, though. So, you’ll want to check out the following sections of this article to get a firm understanding of what is legal and what is not.

State Laws

New Mexico has been fairly lenient for a long time. Retailers have openly sold CBD products in the state for more than a year, and you can find the products on just about every street corner. State officials have refrained from officially legalizing it to avoid conflicts with the FDA, but they’ve finally made a move against the federal agency.

In May, New Mexico’s officials signed the HB581 bill. The bill functions as a foundation for future hemp regulations, but it also states that New Mexico’s officials will not attempt to stop the distribution of CBD products.

For the most part, that makes all CBD products available in New Mexico. It doesn’t matter if your favorite product is a topical cream or a soothing pint of ice cream. You can find it in New Mexico, and you can purchase it without worrying. It’ll still be illegal on the federal level if it goes against the FDA’s guidelines, but New Mexico’s officials don’t care.

However, retailers do need to be a little cautious when they’re choosing their stock. If you sell CBD products, you might want to stay away from food items, or you might want to limit the amount of food items that you stock.

We suggest doing that because New Mexico’s officials haven’t fully regulated CBD yet, and they’re still considering the FDA’s guideline that prohibits unapproved foods. If state officials decide to temporarily follow the FDA’s guidelines about food products, you can have your products seized at a moment’s notice.

They’re not stopping the sale of food products right now, though. It’s just a consideration. State officials have already started making plans to get around any FDA interference, and any future restrictions will probably be temporary.

In fact, New Mexico’s representatives and law enforcement officers don’t plan on cooperating with the FDA at all. They are not agents of the FDA, and they are not obligated to enforce any of the FDA’s rules. That unwillingness to cooperate will make it extremely difficult for the FDA to enforce any of its rules in the state of New Mexico. The FDA just doesn’t have the power to control the entire state by itself.

The only regulation that you have to abide by in New Mexico is the THC restriction. If you make, sell, or buy CBD products in New Mexico, the products cannot contain THC. Technically, trace amounts are acceptable, but there is a .3 percent limit in place. That’s hardly enough to warrant talking about it.

Retailers also have to purchase a license before they can stock and sell CBD products, but that’s a regulation that all states have in place. It helps the taxation department maintain accurate records, and it ensures that retailers are selling legal products.

Federal Laws

If you read the previous section, you probably have a good idea of what to expect from the federal government. The federal government has hampered the progress of most states when it comes to CBD, and until recently, that made it very difficult for the CBD industry to grow. Luckily, a lot of states are realizing that the federal government relies on them to enforce federal regulations, and they’re not obligated to do so. To put it bluntly, state officials are choosing to ignore the federal government’s guidelines.

Some states are taking it a step further, and they’re outright refusing to cooperate with the federal government. That unwillingness to cooperate has led to a lot of growth in the CBD industry, and it has inspired more states to do the same. It’s gotten to the point where the federal government simply can’t contain the CBD industry.

Despite the extremely profitable nature of CBD, the federal government is still trying to limit retailers across the country. The FDA is the federal agency that has done the most to impede the CBD industry’s progress, though.

The FDA has released a long list of restrictions and guidelines, but the worst restriction is the one that requires manufacturers to have their products approved by them before they can legally distribute them. Considering only a single product is approved by the FDA, that means that most products are illegal on the federal level.

However, manufactures still manage to get around that. There are loopholes in the FDA’s guidelines that have allowed manufacturers to sell their products legally by simply omitting any medical claims from their packaging.

States have also done their part to make CBD accessible by ignoring federal guidelines. On the state level, most CBD products are legal in the majority of areas. Only a handful of states have tried to fully criminalize CBD distribution, and those states are expected to cave very soon.

Since the majority of states have at least partially legalized CBD regardless of FDA guidelines, the only issue that most CBD users face is the difficulty involve in traveling with CBD.

While almost every state has allowed retailers to sell CBD, some states are more lenient than others, and that makes it difficult to safely travel across the country with CBD. Every time you enter a new state, you face drastically different regulations. Sadly, that won’t change unless the federal government creates a law that clearly legalizes CBD in every state.

How To Use It

At the moment, you have a lot of CBD products to choose from in New Mexico. The state’s lenient regulations and unwillingness to cooperate with the FDA means that just about everything is legal in New Mexico. Here are few of our favorite CBD products.

CBD Ice Cream

Do you like to eat a comforting bowl of ice cream before you go to bed or after a harsh breakup? Well, now you can have a bowl that’s comforting because of something besides its high fat content and sugar.

Some ice cream manufactures are infusing their products with CBD to make them a little more fun to eat. You can find these dairy products at retailers that have purchased a proper license, and you can use them just like you would any other pint of ice cream.

However, we don’t suggest eating an entire pint to yourself if you buy CBD ice cream. Instead of getting a brain freeze for a couple of minutes, you might get a harsh headache, or you might throw up. CBD does have some minor side-effects. They only affect a small percentage of people, but you should take that into consideration when you first start using CBD.

CBD E-Juice

Vape shops have started stocking their cabinets and shelves with tons of variations of CBD-infused e-juices. They sell extremely well, they’re easy to use, and they’re a relatively cheap way for consumers to get their CBD fix.

They’re also a great way to help nicotine addicts. There’s a bit of controversy surrounding vape products due to respiratory issues developing in users that put inappropriate substances in their vape systems, but they’re a lot safer than cigarettes and other tobacco products when they’re used properly.

You can find e-juices in a staggering variety of flavors, and you can usually pick how much CBD is infused in them. We recommend starting with lower amounts of CBD when you first start out. Vape products can produce a lot of vapor very quickly, and as we’ve said before, too much CBD can make some people feel a little crumby for a while.

CBD Dog Treats

Is your dog’s body starting to breakdown due to age, or does it have problems remaining calm around people or other dogs? If so, CBD can help.

CBD can naturally relieve the effects of anxiety, and it can help with achy bones and muscles.

You won’t want to load your dog up with tons of CBD treats. They can get a little sick just like you can if they’re not used to it. However, if you give them a CBD treat once a day, you’ll quickly notice that they’re happier and livelier.

Final Thoughts

In some ways, New Mexico is a great place for CBD users. State officials aren’t willing to cooperate with the FDA, and they don’t mind when retailers sell some of the more innovative products that are available.

However, New Mexico’s regulations aren’t fully developed, so you will likely see some minor changes within the next few years. As New Mexico’s officials develop the state’s laws and regulations, you might see more products on store shelves, or you might lose access to some of your favorites. For now, you can do just about anything that you want without worrying.