New Jersey recently jumped on the CBD bandwagon, and the state has welcomed the budding industry with open arms. There are very few laws in New Jersey that affect CBD users in negative ways.

We’ll go over all of the CBD-friendly laws that New Jersey has recently implemented, and then we’ll go over the different ways that those laws contradict the federal government’s laws. We even have some tips to help you find the right CBD product for you!

State Laws

As we said earlier, New Jersey is a CBD-friendly state. So, this section will be filled with tons of positive information.

Is It Legal?

CBD isn’t just legal in New Jersey. It’s practically unregulated. There are so few regulations in place that you have tons of freedom when you want to try out new products.

However, it is very important for you to ensure that you only purchase CBD that is made from the right strains of cannabis. Marijuana is still almost entirely illegal in New Jersey. Unless you have a license, you cannot purchase anything that has a useful amount of THC in it.

CBD that is made from hemp only contains a tiny amount of THC, and that’s legal in New Jersey. However, CBD oil that is extracted from plants with high levels of THC is completely illegal.

Luckily, you won’t find any CBD products that are made with marijuana in normal stores. Store owners are careful when they purchase their stock, and they can get in more trouble than you can if they sell marijuana-based CBD products. As long as you purchase your products from a store, you’ll be perfectly fine.

Are Food Items Legal?

CBD food items have been legal in New Jersey since the state first legalized hemp-derived CBD products. The state’s officials didn’t try to spend a lot of time creating different regulations for foods, drinks, and standard items. So, they basically legalized everything to make the state’s laws as simple as possible.

As a result, a lot of different home remedy stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and other establishments have stocked their shelves with a large variety of prepackaged CBD food items. Gummy candies and other sweets tend to be the most popular items, but some stores are also selling pints of CBD ice cream, and the public is responding to it very positively.

Are Restaurants Able To Mix CBD Into Menu Items?

Restaurants also benefit from New Jersey’s relaxed CBD laws. It’s legal for restaurants to sell CBD-infused foods and drinks just like stores sell prepackaged food items.

However, CBD hasn’t really taken the restaurant industry by storm in New Jersey. Some trendy dining establishments jumped on the opportunity to sell CBD items. Other than that, you’ll have a little bit of trouble finding restaurants that have incorporated CBD into their menus. Most large chain restaurants haven’t decided to use CBD yet, and a lot of old local joints have stuck to using their tried and true menus.

Luckily, most coffee shops that aren’t part of a nation-wide chain have started offering CBD coffee, and bars have been more than accepting of CBD. Most bars now offer CBD cocktails that can make your drinking experience more pleasurable and slightly healthier. However, you will have to meet the state’s drinking age requirements before you can enjoy any of the cocktails that your local bar offers.

Can I Order CBD Products Online?

New Jersey’s state officials do not care if you order CBD products online. As long as you don’t purchase CBD products that contain large amounts of THC, you can order whatever you want.

The internet isn’t the safest place to purchase items, though. With the CBD industry booming right now, a lot of shady individuals have tried to enter the industry with sub-par products. The low-quality CBD products are often made with very little CBD oil, and sometimes they’re made in ways that add unsafe chemicals to the final product.

Don’t let that scare you aware from online CBD shops, though. Plenty of honest business owners are using the internet to lower their prices and offer high-quality goods. You just have to do your research to see what type of business you’re dealing with.

Can I Grow Hemp In New Jersey?

New Jersey’s state officials do not allow you to grow your own hemp to produce your own CBD products. You have to have a license, and you have to enroll in the state’s industrial hemp program. It’s unlikely that you’ll be approved by the state to grow hemp for your own personal use. So, you’ll have to be hired by a company that grows hemp, or you’ll have to go through the lengthy and expensive process involved in starting your own legitimate business before you can grow hemp.

This is pretty much the only law that limits CBD consumers in a meaningful way, and since the rest of the state’s laws are very lenient, we won’t criticize their stance on home-grown hemp in this article.

Federal Laws

The federal laws are nowhere near as easy to understand or lenient as the laws in New Jersey. Here are a few of the things that you should know about the federal government’s CBD laws.

Is It Legal?

Technically, the federal government has not legalized or banned CBD products. The government legalized hemp-derived products in general, and most people consider CBD products to be the same as all other hemp-derived products. In a way, CBD products are legal.

However, the legality of CBD is questioned because of the FDA. The federal government has allowed the FDA to take control of testing and regulating CBD products like it does with all drugs. That wouldn’t be the case if the 2018 Farm Bill was passed before the FDA recognized medicinal CBD as a treatment for epilepsy, but since it did recognize CBD as a therapeutic item for a single illness, all CBD products fall under its jurisdiction. As a result, the FDA has indefinitely prohibited the sale of non-approved products, but most states are completely ignoring the FDA’s rules. So, you don’t have to worry about that too much.

Is It Okay To Travel With CBD?

Traveling with CBD is difficult, but it is possible. You just have to avoid states that have banned CBD. If you cross their state lines, you can be arrested, and your CBD products will be confiscated. A lot of truckers have been affected by that. Just try to research the states that you’ll be passing through as you travel. If your route takes you through a state that isn’t CBD-friendly, consider leaving your CBD at home. You can always buy a CBD product when you reach your destination.

Why The FDA Is Against CBD

In short, the FDA is against CBD because it’s in charge of regulating drugs, and since CBD was approved as an epilepsy treatment, it is now considered a drug, and it must be properly tested before the FDA can approve of its use. Unfortunately, that means that individual product manufacturers have to submit their products to the FDA before they can sell them with the FDA’s approval, and that’s a very expensive process. However, most manufacturers aren’t bothering to do that, and they’re flourishing in states that don’t care about the FDA’s rules.

How To Use It

Here are some of the hottest CBD products in New Jersey.

Skin Treatments

Anti-aging creams, eczema creams, lip balms, and other things that are meant to treat your skin are extremely popular in New Jersey. They’re usually cheap, and they make your skin look smooth and young. They don’t really give you the benefits that other CBD products do, but they’re great for taking care of your skin.

Trendy Restaurant Items

As we said earlier in this article, a lot of restaurants have been hesitant about adding CBD items to their menus. However, the trendier restaurants are enjoying a really nice financial boost since they started offering CBD items.

You’ll mostly find coffees, desserts, and little snacks that are infused with CBD. Some places are adding CBD oil to entrees, though.

If you’re interested in ordering a CBD-infused item at a restaurant, you’ll have to look around for a place that is offering CBD. Luckily, more restaurants will start offering CBD since other restaurants are currently making a killing off of the products they’re selling. So, it should be a lot easier for you to find a restaurant that sells CBD within the next year.

Pet Products

Pet products are flying off of shelves in New Jersey. The products help pets calm down and live happier lives, and they can even help treat the painful symptoms that accompany some chronic illnesses.

Final Thoughts

New Jersey is a good place to visit if you’re a fan of CBD. The laws are easy to understand and lenient, and you have access to plenty of products. Some of the neighboring states aren’t as CBD-friendly, though. So, you should be careful if you’re traveling to New Jersey with the intent to carry CBD products back across state lines.