New Hampshire is easily one of the best places for CBD users to live. Its laws are easy to follow, and its regulations are more lenient than just about every other state’s regulations. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just use any CBD product you want. The regulations are simple, but they do exist.

In this article, we’ll go over those laws and regulations, and we’ll show you why New Hampshire is so CBD-friendly.

State Laws

New Hampshire’s CBD industry originally launched way back in 2013. It was one of the first states to approve of CBD usage outside of medical purposes. However, that doesn’t mean that CBD has been grown and sold in the state since 2013. The state’s officials ran into legal issues when they tried to create New Hampshire’s first dispensary, and it took longer than two years for CBD to actually start being distributed in the state.

Now, you can find CBD in nearly every town and city, and you have a lot of products to choose from due to the state’s lenient stance on CBD.

First, let’s get the state’s main regulations out of the way. You can buy CBD at any age in New Hampshire. However, it must be derived from hemp plants. It cannot be derived from marijuana plants unless you hold a medical marijuana license. In order to get CBD that is derived from marijuana, you must be diagnosed with a serious illness, and a licensed doctor must personally hand you the medication. You can’t just take a prescription to your local dispensary like you can in most other states.

You can get a prescription for more potent forms of CBD, though. Those prescriptions can be filled at any pharmacy or dispensary in the state.

The other main regulation is that you can’t grow hemp plants unless you are a licensed industrial hemp farmer, or you are part of a recognized group that is experimenting with hemp plants. Recognized groups are typically university-based study groups and scientists. You can’t just get your buddies together and grow hemp.

Other than that, you have free reign over your CBD consumption. You can purchase pre-packaged food items, order CBD items at restaurants and bars, and purchase any other type of product at basically any store. You can possess as much CBD as you want, and you can take it wherever you want within the state. You can even order products online.

There isn’t much else to talk about when it comes to CBD in New Hampshire. The state is extremely lenient, and unless you’re a hemp farmer, you can do just about anything you want with CBD. Just make sure your CBD is derived from legally grown hemp plants.

Federal Laws

The federal laws are nowhere near as lenient or easy to understand as New Hampshire’s laws. The federal laws regarding CBD are ridiculously complicated, and they’re worded in a way that leaves a lot of things up to interpretation. When it comes to the law, that’s a bad thing.

First, a lot of people think that CBD was legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill. Some even think that the 2014 Farm Bill legalized it. Neither of those two things are true. The 2014 Farm Bill started laying the ground work for medicinal CBD, and the 2018 Farm Bill was almost entirely aimed at industrial hemp and the industrial products made from it. CBD oil wasn’t even mentioned in the bill. The only things that were mentioned were hemp-derived products. As far as anyone knows, that only covers rope, plastic, paper, and other things that are made from hemp plants.

The wording of the 2018 Farm Bill did allow the FDA to control CBD regulations, though. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived products, and CBD is technically a hemp-derived product, the FDA automatically gained control of it due to it being a consumable. The FDA didn’t use that power to make life easier for CBD users, though. If anything, the FDA has done everything its power to make it a lot harder for CBD users to enjoy their favorite products.

Food items, therapeutic items, and any other items that aren’t approved by the FDA are pretty much banned according to the FDA’s rules. One medicinal product is approved, but it’s only approved to be used as an epilepsy medicine. Everything else is banned.

However, the murky wording of the 2018 Farm Bill gave states the ability to pretend that the FDA’s rules don’t matter, and states such as New Hampshire and Oregon have taken full advantage of every loophole possible. Luckily, the CBD industry has exploded, and it’s so large that the FDA can’t control it unless state governments help out. The vast majority of states have refused to help the FDA. So, it’s not much of an issue.

The only federal laws that you have to worry about in New Hampshire are the laws that affect the TSA, and you should definitely learn about laws in other states before you decide to leave New Hampshire. Not every state is very CBD-friendly.

How To Use It

Since you have a lot of freedom in New Hampshire, the list of CBD products you can buy is pretty long. Obviously, we can’t list everything here. However, we can list a few of our favorite products. Here’s a short list with brief reviews that will help you get started with CBD.

CBD Cocktails

CBD cocktails are relatively new. Most states that allow them to be sold in bars and restaurants have only done so for less than a year. Basically, they’re your standard cocktails, but they’re blended with CBD oil to make them a little more potent.

CBD cocktails are more of a way to relax a bit more than anything else. You do get to experience the benefits of CBD with them, but they’re a lot like adding CBD to a cigar or cigarette. The CBD doesn’t automatically make the rest of the product healthy.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order them, though. They may not be the healthiest CBD products, but they’re a great way to wind down after a long work week, and they are better than just regular alcohol.

CBD Menu Items

Restaurants have gotten extremely creative with CBD oil. You’ll mostly find desserts such as cakes and pies that are infused with CBD, but some places are also offering normal entrees with CBD in them.

Entrees can be anything from spaghetti to CBD-infused breads and other strange items. The thought of CBD-infused entrees is a bit weird at first, but they taste delicious, and they have tremendous health benefits.

You can expect CBD-infused menu items to cost a bit more than their regular counterparts, though. CBD isn’t cheap, and adding it during the cooking process is more work for chefs and kitchen staff. It’s well worth the price if you only do it on certain occasions, though.

CBD Vape Juice

E-liquid has grown in popularity over the last decade, and just about everyone has vaped before at this point. Now, you can get CBD e-juices instead of nicotine-infused options.

The CBD versions are a lot healthier for you, and they’re not addicting. So, you can use them when you want, and you won’t get headaches or suffer from mood swings when you don’t.

You should be aware of the controversy surrounding vaping, though. Do your own research before you go out and purchase a vaping setup.

Pet Products

Pet products are available in New Hampshire, and you can purchase them at stores such as Walmart and Target. Other states require you to order them online, and some states don’t allow you to buy them at all.

The products are used to relieve pain and anxiety that your pet might be suffering from, and they can help pets with serious illnesses enjoy their lives a bit more.

CBD Benefits And Concerns

CBD is great, but it’s not something that you should start taking without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of CBD usage.


There are a lot of benefits that you can experience from using CBD. If you suffer from a lot of pain, CBD can help you manage it. If you have a mental disorder, or if you suffer from anxiety, CBD can make the symptoms a little more bearable. It can also help with a lot of serious illnesses.

Finally, CBD can be used just to help you relax. You don’t have to be suffering from something serious to enjoy CBD. If you have any reason to seek out a relaxation aid, you have a reason to purchase CBD oil.


We praise CBD a lot on this website, but it’s not all cupcakes and unicorns. It does have some side-effects that can throw your entire day off. Luckily, those side-effects don’t affect the majority of people. So, don’t let this section freak you out until you try CBD for yourself.

First, developing a very harsh headache is the main side-effect of CBD usage. It’s not common, but some people do feel as if their head is splitting when they use CBD. If you happen to be one of those people, try to take small amounts until you build up a resistance to it. If it persists, you’re just not meant to use CBD.

You can also get nauseous from CBD usage. The nausea that most people experience isn’t anything debilitating, but you should treat it like you should treat the headache issue.

Final Thoughts

New Hampshire is possibly the most lenient CBD-friendly state in the nation, and most people will really enjoy the lenient regulations and easily understandable laws.