Nevada And CBD

If you’re living in Nevada, you have quite a bit celebrate. Out of all the states that we’ve covered so far, Nevada is the most lenient. Nevada’s state officials have legalized just about every form of CBD possible, and there are only a few basic restrictions that you have to worry about. You can even purchase CBD-infused food in Nevada!

However, you do need to know about a few minor restrictions, and that’s what we’re here for. Here’s what you need to know about Nevada and CBD.

State Laws

Nevada was one of the first states to legalize CBD. Nevada’s state officials started turning a blind eye to CBD salesmen as early as 2014 when the first Farm Bill was passed. Since then, they’ve fully legalized CBD with very few restrictions, and they’ve legalized recreational marijuana.

First, you can buy any CBD product you want as long as it doesn’t have therapeutic claims printed on its packaging. The state government isn’t even strict about shop owners making claims. The claims just can’t be printed on the packaging.

That means that you can purchase creams, lotions, candies, drinks, sprays, cigarettes, chew, e-juice, and anything else that you can think of as long as you’re within Nevada’s state lines, and you can freely carry it around, too.

However, there is one catch. You have to buy those products from a licensed dispensary. Luckily, just about any store can apply for a license, and it’s fairly easy to get one. This restriction was put in place to help the Department of Taxation keep track of CBD sales.

There are exceptions to that rule, though. Restaurants, bars, diners, cafes, and similar environments can add CBD to any of their food items, and they don’t have to get a license from the Department of Taxation. They’re not within that agency’s jurisdiction. They still have to abide by the federal law that states that CBD products cannot contain more than .3 percent THC, though. Even though THC products are legal in Nevada, the state was smart enough to separate the two forms of cannabis. That separation allows anyone to purchase CBD, but THC is still regulated and treated as an adult product.

All of Nevada’s hemp is grown on licensed farms, and the Nevada Agricultural Department oversees those farms. The rules that guide hemp growers are fairly strict. So, consumers can feel confident that they’re receiving high-quality products in Nevada.

You can travel all over the state with ease, too. The police don’t care if you’re traveling with CBD, and they’re really lenient with THC, too. Overall, Nevada is a haven for cannabis users.

However, you should definitely be careful if you leave Nevada. Several of the surrounding states have very strict CBD laws, and they aren’t afraid to arrest you for bringing products across their state lines. If you live in a neighboring state, we don’t recommend traveling to Nevada to stock up on CBD.

Federal Laws

Federal laws haven’t changed since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. The federal government still hasn’t done anything with their CBD laws, and it doesn’t look as if we’ll see any changes for another five years.

For now, the federal government expects all states to create their own regulations, and it has given the FDA all power over CBD products. While some states have completely ignored the FDA, the FDA is still capable of shutting down stores and dining establishments that don’t follow its rules. It just chooses not to a lot of the time.

Nevada is a prime example of a state ignoring the FDA. The FDA has pretty much outlawed CBD food items, and Nevada allows any and all food items to be infused with CBD. You can buy prepackaged foods from dispensaries, and you can purchase items off a restaurant’s menu that are infused with CBD. The FDA still has the power to shut any of those places down if it wanted to, though. It’s just not worth the effort required to fight with Nevada’s state officials.

All of the federal government’s rules have created a very complicated CBD industry across the country. People in Nevada can purchase and use pretty much whatever they want, but if they travel just a few miles across the state lines, they can be arrested and charged with marijuana possession. Obviously, that makes it difficult for CBD users to carry their products with them on vacations, business trips, or any other trips that can take them into other states that might not be as CBD-friendly.

That makes plane travel nearly impossible for casual CBD users. The TSA really doesn’t care about CBD, but it has to abide by the FDA’s guidelines since it’s a government agency. That means that nothing besides epilepsy medicine can be carried on an airplane, and TSA officials are required to call law enforcement if someone tries to bring CBD on an airplane illegally. That’s a minor inconvenience in states that have legalized CBD, but it can create major legal issues if you’re in a state that has banned CBD products.

Technically, CBD shouldn’t be banned anywhere. It’s in the 2018 Farm Bill that hemp-derived products are legal in the United States. It’s just worded in such a way that more strict states can twist the law to suit their needs.

Until the federal government decides to spend the time that is necessary to correct their CBD laws, it’s unlikely that all of this will get worked out. Unfortunately, they don’t seem very enthusiastic about changing those laws.

How To Use It

There are tons of ways for Nevada residents to use CBD. There’s not enough room to list every CBD product here, but we can cover the most popular and unique items available to Nevada residents.

CBD Desserts

Due to Nevada’s lenient CBD laws, you can buy a large variety of CBD desserts at just about any restaurant. A CBD dessert can be a slice of cake, a pie, or any other normal dessert that you can think of.

These are really easy to use. They’re usually served in individual slices, and each slice has an appropriate amount of CBD in it. So, you just have to enjoy your dessert to feel a soothing sensation overcome your body and mind. You won’t get high, but you will feel a lot better after eating a CBD dessert.

CBD Beverages

CBD beverages can mellow you out after a hard day, and they can help relieve anxiety before you have a big interview or social gathering.

These are usually canned, and you can buy them just like you would a normal soda or anything else. They also have a proper serving of CBD in them. So, you don’t have to worry about measuring anything. You just have to drink the serving size that is provided.

These are usually one of the cheapest ways to experience CBD. They cost as much as an energy drink, but they mellow you out instead of giving you an energy boost.

CBD Cigarettes And E-Juice

CBD cigarettes and CBD e-juices are both alternatives to nicotine products, and they’re extremely popular in Nevada. The cigarettes are a pretty hefty investment, but the vaping products can actually save you quite a bit of money.

To use these, you just use them like you would their nicotine-infused counterparts. You light the cigarettes at one end and inhale, and you press a button on your vaporizer to use the e-juice products. They’re pretty simple, and they allow you to experience the positive benefits of CBD very quickly. Since marijuana is legal in Nevada, the cigarettes won’t garner as much attention from police as they do in other states.

CBD Beauty Products

Body sprays, facial creams, and other beauty products can all be infused with CBD in Nevada. These are often used to help with skin problems, aging, and other things that affect someone’s self-esteem. They’re used exactly like other beauty products, but they have the benefits of CBD added to them.

Pet Products

Nevada isn’t just a good place for human CBD-users. Pets can also benefit from Nevada’s CBD laws. Instead of having a limited selection of sprays for your pets, you can find all kinds of CBD-infused treats for your pets, and they’re less expensive in Nevada due to their abundance.

There are far too many treats to list them all here, but you can find a large variety of flavors and textures to try out with your pets, and you can increase their quality of life once you find one that your pets like.

Final Thoughts

Nevada is probably the best state for anyone who loves cannabis products. You can not only purchase any CBD products that you want, but you can even use recreational marijuana if you’re not a minor. Very few states can come close to Nevada’s level of leniency when it comes to cannabis products.