If you’re living in Nebraska, you may be a bit confused about what CBD oil is and if it’s legal. That’s especially true in 2019.

While hemp-based CBD oil has developed a reputation for treating all kinds of ailments without causing any psychological changes, Nebraska’s law enforcement and political leaders continue to make things difficult for would-be consumers.

That hasn’t stopped a large amount of shops from stocking up on CBD products and openly selling them to the public, though. You can easily find bath bombs, lotions, sprays, balms, and drinks in many different retail establishments, and store owners have no problem selling them to you.

Are those products legal, though? That can be a pretty difficult question to answer. So, we’ll look at the laws at both the state and federal levels, and hopefully you’ll be a little less confused by the end of this article.

Nebraska CBD Laws

Most of the United States has embraced CBD over the last couple of years. In fact, only a handful of states actually care if you use it. Nebraska is one of those few states that insists on preventing you from using it, though.

On paper, CBD products are perfectly legal, but they have to abide by the .3 percent THC limit that the Federal Farm Bill of 2018 imposed. Nebraska even adjusted their CBD and hemp laws in 2019 to align with the federal law.

The 2019 law made it so hemp was no longer considered a Schedule I drug, and it reclassified it as a necessary agricultural product. The law made it legal for licensed farmers to grow hemp, and retail establishments can now sell the products that are derived from the hemp.

After the law passed, many different businesses began to sell the products. Even hemp cigarettes became a common sight in most shops.

There haven’t been any cases of normal citizens being harassed by police for possessing CBD products since the law passed, but we can’t say the same for businesses.

At least three different businesses have been raided for selling CBD products. During the raids, all three businesses had all of their CBD products confiscated, and any phones, cameras, and computers on the properties were taken as evidence.

While two of those cases have been dismissed, one North Platte businessman is still facing a felony charge that comes with thousands of dollars’ worth of fines and a prison sentence.

The district attorney of Nebraska has pretty much refused to speak on the matter, and after fighting against CBD legalization for years, it’s unlikely that he’s very supportive of the businesses being targeted.

What makes the charges worse is that they’re not legitimate. All three establishments were simply targeted due to complaints from a customer who doesn’t approve of CBD oil, and the authorities took action against the companies despite knowing that several other local businesses were selling the products, too.

Our advice for retailers is to remain cautious. If you own a retail establishment, and you want to sell CBD products, it might be worth waiting a while for Nebraska’s law enforcement and politicians to accept CBD oil. While it’s not illegal for you to sell it, and two out of three of the affected shop owners have been let off the hook, you can still face hefty court costs, and a lot of your time can be wasted trying to defend yourself.

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil for personal use, you have very little to worry about. While Nebraskan officials have demonstrated some shady behavior towards business owners, they haven’t lashed out at civilians. Just make sure you’re buying products that come from a reputable company. Anything over .3 percent THC can cause you to be charged with hefty fines.

That is due to Nebraska looking at CBD oil with useful amounts of THC in the same way that they look at marijuana products. Depending on the number of offenses you have under your belt, possessing anything with more than .3 percent THC can cause you to spend up to 50 years in prison. It’s uncommon for punishments to be that harsh, but it is a possibility.

Federal CBD Laws

The federal government is the main cause of all of the confusion surrounding CBD products. While the Federal Farm Bill of 2018 technically made CBD oil a legal product, the wording of the law is so vague that many state officials are confused about the legality of CBD oil.

The law simply states that hemp products are now legal across the United States because they are no longer considered Schedule I drugs. However, regulations pertaining to consumable hemp products and hemp products with medicinal purposes are still pretty much non-existent.

Products that claim to help with medical issues have to go through an approval process with the FDA, and products that are meant to be consumed as food have to go through the same process.

Beyond that, none of the products can contain more than .3 percent of the psychoactive chemical known as THC.

There aren’t many other regulations in place, and states like Nebraska use that lack of regulations to prevent people from using CBD oil. As you can tell from the previous section, Nebraska has decided to treat it like marijuana when retail establishments are reported by residents with outdated mindsets.

Traveling with CBD oil or shipping it against state lines is also an issue. It’s technically legal, but transportation professionals and airlines have suffered from the same issues that some businesses have.

We’ll use Nebraska as an example. It is technically legal for Nebraskan companies to import or export hemp products of all kinds across their borders, but state police from Nebraska and neighboring states still hassle truck drivers, and sometimes they’re arrested for simply possessing large amounts of the products.

Airlines tend to have more limits in general, but that’s the case for most things. You can’t even carry too much shampoo on an airplane nowadays. When it comes to CBD products, you pretty much have to make sure your products contain less than .3 percent THC, and you have to have FDA approved products.

Your problems will start if you land in a state like Nebraska or Texas. Despite CBD oil’s new status as a legal product, you can still become the victim of harassment and unlawful arrests.

Our advice is to simply refrain from taking those products with you if you’re traveling to or from the state. You can buy the products there, and you’ll avoid all of the hassles that come with bringing them to the airport. If you’re leaving Nebraska or Texas, you should research the place that you’re going to beforehand, and you might want to simply buy your products when you arrive at your destination.

How To Use It

Now that you know that you can possess CBD oil in Nebraska, you probably want to know how you can use it. You don’t have to worry. There are dozens of ways you can use CBD oil to experience all of its benefits, and we’ll go over a few of them now.

Balms And Creams

Balms and creams are mostly used to relieve chronic muscle pains. They’re popular with arthritis sufferers, and athletes are starting to use them a lot more, too.

To use these, you just have to rub a small amount on the areas that you’re experiencing pain in.

However, you should only use it on muscle pains, and if you have any concerns that your pain is stemming from a much bigger issue, you should see a doctor. CBD oil might be a great natural remedy, but you don’t want to try to treat chest pains with it.


Hemp cigarettes are relatively new. They contain CBD oil, and they’re used the exact same way that their tobacco counterparts are. However, they’re a bit different.

While smoke is bad for your lungs in general, hemp cigarettes don’t contain nicotine or any other nasty chemicals. So, they’re a lot healthier than tobacco-based cigarettes.

Also, they serve as a fast delivery method for CBD oil. When you burn the ground hemp buds, the CBD in the hemp is transferred to your respiratory system, and it’s then pushed throughout your bloodstream like nicotine is when you smoke tobacco.

There are a few concerns about hemp cigarettes, though. They smell similar to marijuana when they’re burned, and that can trigger a response from police in states that don’t tolerate marijuana.

They’re also quite expensive. The most expensive tobacco cigarettes are a little over $12 a pack, but the average price of hemp cigarettes is $20. You won’t get addicted to hemp cigarettes, and you probably won’t smoke them as frequently as someone who smokes tobacco regularly, but $20 is still fairly expensive for a single pack of cigarettes.

To use these, you just light the unfiltered end with a lighter, and you inhale through the butt of the cigarette. If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, you smoke these the exact same way. Just stay away from the police if you’re in a state that dislikes marijuana usage. It may not be illegal, but do you really have the time to wait around for a cop to test your hemp cigarette to ensure it’s not marijuana? We certainly don’t.

Pet Treats

Has your dog’s health started to get worse with age? Do you want to help alleviate your dog’s muscle pains or cancer symptoms to let them live their twilight years out in peace? CBD oil can help with that.

Some dog treat manufacturers have started making CBD-infused goodies for your furry friends. These products allow your pets to experience the same benefits as you do, and they come in the form of a tasty treat. So, you don’t have to worry about your dog freaking out when you give it to them.

However, you should try to ensure that whatever treat you buy is safe for your dog. Dog food and treats are often treated with less care than human food, and poorly made treats can make your dog sick or worse.

Final Thoughts

Nebraska is one of the few states that still has a problem with CBD oil. While they’ve made it legal to match the Federal Farm Bill of 2018, they continue to make life difficult for retailers, and that tends to scare off costumers.

Hopefully, Nebraska will stop believing the misconception that hemp-derived CBD is a marijuana product, and they’ll take a more accepting stance on the topic. Until then, we recommend that retailers exercise a lot of caution before stocking their shelves. Your case will probably be thrown out if you get into trouble, but it’s still going to waste a lot of your time and money.