Missouri’s CBD laws are mostly the same as any other state’s, but they’ve done their best to continue innovating the industry. They’re one of the only states that doesn’t strictly bar its use as a food additive, and they were one of the first states to start legalizing it in 2014.

Now, you can buy the same sprays and creams that everyone else can, but you can also purchase alcoholic beverages and food items that are infused with CBD.

We’ll go over some of the ways that Missouri differs from other states over the course of the next few sections, and you’ll find out all of the benefits that CBD products can offer.

State CBD Laws

Missouri’s fight to legalize CBD products began in 2014. When the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, Missouri immediately moved to make CBD oil available to children who suffered from epilepsy. It wouldn’t be legal for everyone until 2018, though.

Once the federal government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, Missouri adjusted its laws to allow special hemp programs to begin growing hemp in mass, and the first wave of CBD products appeared on store shelves a couple of months later.

Since then, it has been legal for anyone to purchase CBD products that don’t contain THC, and all of Missouri’s counties have shown the same support for CBD. So, you don’t have to worry about getting hassled by the police for walking around with some CBD oil. However, you do have to have a license to grow hemp or produce CBD products.

All of the previous information we shared is true for most states, but Missouri does two things that a lot of other states don’t. It allows you to produce or purchase CBD-infused alcohol and food items, and it allows you to import CBD products from other states.

The food items available are typically chocolates or other small treats, but alcoholic beverages can be extremely varied. Kansas City, Missouri is home to the first CBD-infused cocktails. At first, you could only purchase them in cans, but the first wave of cans sold so quickly that Missouri officials gave restaurants and bars permission to mix their own CBD drinks by hand. You can get anything from a Jack and Coke to a margarita infused with CBD oil.

Officials said that their decision to allow CBD to be mixed into beverages was due to the murkiness of federal law. Since the laws are confusing and causing problems, they said that Missouri’s legislative figures have no right to deny manufacturers the ability to make CBD-infused drinks. That law might change when the federal government decides to flesh out their own regulations, but you’ll be able to buy alcoholic drinks with CBD in them until that happens.

However, you should know that the alcoholic drinks are still only available to people over 21 years of age. The CBD itself might not be restricted, but the overall product is.

The second way Missouri differs from other states is that it allows residents to import CBD products from other states. A lot of other states only allow CBD products to be purchased if they were made in the state, they’re being purchased in. Those regulations are there to help agricultural departments ensure that the THC levels of the products are within the federal limit.

Missouri officials don’t care, though. You can purchase CBD products online from other states, and they won’t attempt to confiscate it or punish you when it crosses state lines. This is expected to be the norm once the federal government sets clear guidelines for all states, but it’s fairly innovative at the moment.

Federal CBD Laws

Federal CBD laws continue to cause a lot of confusion, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. Some states are pressuring the federal government to end the confusion, some states are still strict about CBD usage due to the confusion, and states like Missouri are using the political gray area to innovate the industry.

At the moment, it’s expected that nothing will really change for another five years. That can change if state representatives continue to pressure the FDA, but only a couple of states are bothering to do that right now.

When it comes to CBD, the federal government has essentially slapped a Band-Aid on the situation while hoping that it will satisfy states that care about its legalization. That quick and dirty approach to legalizing it has caused problems for state agricultural departments, state-level law enforcement, the TSA, and a lot of different retailers.

Agricultural departments are facing the challenge of regulating a substance with very few federal guidelines. All they really know is that CBD products have to contain less than .3 percent THC, and the FDA doesn’t approve of therapeutic claims.

Law enforcement officers are often kept out of the loop when it comes to what people can sell and what they can’t. This has led to many different cases where the police raided a store owner’s shop, confiscated all of their products, computers, and cellphones, and charged the owners with marijuana possession and distribution. Those are felonies in a lot of states.

The TSA has even had issues with CBD regulations, and their response was to simply require that all CBD products have an FDA approval sticker on them before they’re brought to the airport. That can be difficult due to the FDA’s stance on CBD.

Finally, retailers have had it rough in some places due to the lack of guidelines. Some states have continued to treat CBD like marijuana, and that has led to the issues we described when talking about law enforcement officers. Obviously, facing felony charges for selling legal products isn’t something that any shop owner wants to deal with. Luckily, most prosecutors won’t pursue the charges, but the court and lawyer fees that shop owners have to pay can be pretty hefty.

How To Use It

There has never been a better time to try CBD. The market has exploded with new options to help you deal with a variety of psychiatric disorders, muscle pains, terminal illnesses, and chronic diseases. Here are a few of the ones we feel stand out the most.


CannaDip is one of the newest ways you can use CBD, and it’s a great way to get your fix in a relatively safe way if you’re currently using chewing tobacco.

CannaDip comes in two different varieties. You can purchase a CBD variant just about anywhere, and a THC variant is available in states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

Both varieties look and feel like real dip, and they come in a small assortment of flavors. The manufacturer is planning to expand the product line as it grows in popularity, but you can get it in a handful of traditional dip flavors for now.

The reason CannaDip is being praised is that it doesn’t contain any tobacco, and it doesn’t include any of the toxic chemicals that make traditional dip unhealthy. You don’t get addicted to it like you do with traditional dip, either. The CBD variant soothes you, and the THC variant gets you high. That’s all it does.

The one issue with CannaDip is that it only comes in pouches. If you only like to use long-cut dip, you’ll probably be a little disappointed when you go to try out CannaDip.

To use it, you just pack a pouch between your lower lip and your gums. It takes affect slowly, but it’s long-lasting.

CBD Cocktails

We touched on this when we were talking about Missouri’s state laws, but you can purchase CBD cocktails, now. You can use your own CBD to make them at home, but it’s probably best to simply order a drink at the bar, or you can buy a can of pre-mixed alcohol.

These aren’t legal everywhere, but Missouri residents have been loving them for nearly a year. If you’ve had alcohol before, you don’t need a guide on how to use these. Just ask your bartender for your favorite cocktail, and ask if they’ll infuse it with CBD.

King Kalm

King Kalm makes a lot of different pet products that contain CBD. They offer bottles of flavored oil that you give to your pet via a syringe, sprays to use as a food additive, and pre-mixed treats.

You can find some products by other manufacturers, but they’re not nearly as varied. Depending on which product you use, you’ll have to read the manufacturer’s instructions to know how to use it. It’s unlikely that you’ll cause your dog to overdose since CBD doesn’t cause that, but you can give your dog a horrible headache and nausea if you use one of these products inappropriately.

Missouri Lets You Order

Don’t forget that all of those products can be imported in Missouri. Missouri’s agricultural department doesn’t require you to buy your CBD products from Missouri manufacturers. So, you can use the internet to purchase specific products from other states.

This is a great way to find deals on CBD products, and you might be able to get products that you can’t find in Missouri.

The Benefits Of CBD

Here’s a list of the most common claims made about CBD’s benefits. All of these are simply claims, and while a lot of people swear by them, there isn’t much scientific evidence to back them up. Evidence is expected to surface after further testing is done.

  • It treats schizophrenia and bipolar
  • It treats anxiety.
  • It treats chronic muscle pains and arthritis.
  • It can alleviate the effects of cancer.
  • It can stop seizures for epilepsy patients.
  • It helps with depression.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, there isn’t much of a difference between Missouri’s CBD laws and the laws of other CBD-friendly states. The main difference is that they don’t care if retailers sell food and drink items with CBD in them. You’ll still have to abide by alcohol laws if you decide to pick up a CBD cocktail, but everything else is perfectly legal for anyone to try.

Besides that, feel free to try a variety of Missouri’s CBD products, and find the product that works the best for you.