Mississippi isn’t known for its progressive marijuana laws, but its CBD laws are fairly lenient. In fact, the state has been pretty supportive of the CBD industry. Let’s dive into the state’s laws.

State Laws

As we just said, Mississippi is a pretty lenient state when it comes to CBD regulations. There are some rules in place, but they shouldn’t alarm you. If you live in Mississippi, you’ll be happy when you hear that the state really doesn’t care about CBD.

Is CBD Legal In Mississippi?

CBD is legal in Mississippi. However, you can only purchase CBD products that have less than the legal limit of THC. We’ll talk about that more in a bit, but pretty much everything you find in stores will have the appropriate amounts of CBD and THC to make them legal products.

What Is The THC Limit?

Mississippi’s THC limit is .5 percent. That’s not enough to get you high, but it is slightly more than what other states allow.

While Mississippi’s THC limit is relatively generous, you really don’t want to push your limits. The state has very strict anti-marijuana laws. Even medicinal marijuana is illegal in Mississippi. If you want CBD that contains more THC, you’ll have to have a special license that allows you to purchase it, and to get that, you need to have epilepsy.

Are Edibles Legal?

Edibles are not illegal in Mississippi. You can buy them at just about any gas station or corner store, and you can pick them up at a dispensary if you want. You’ll usually see gummy candies, cookies, and other treats if you go to your local stores. They all abide by the THC limit, and they all have the state’s minimum 15-percent CBD amount in them.

This law wasn’t really made in support of the CBD industry. Mississippi’s legislators simply didn’t feel like complicating the laws. Either way, it’s a major benefit for CBD users.

CBD Drinks

Canned CBD drinks are also legal in Mississippi. Like food items, you can purchase canned CBD drinks at most corner stores and gas stations. They’re extremely common in Mississippi. However, you should try to find name-brand products. Mississippi’s lack of regulations makes it very easy for people to sell you the equivalent of snake oil.

Can Restaurants Serve CBD

Mississippi hasn’t really regulated CBD. So, plenty of restaurants have started selling CBD-infused versions of their normal menu items. Desserts are typically sold, but some restaurants sell alcoholic drinks that are infused with CBD if you ask for CBD to be mixed in.

You don’t have to go to fancy restaurants to get high-end CBD products, though. Coffee shops and a lot of small diners also offer CBD menu items. You just have to look around. However, you won’t have to look around too much. As CBD proves to be financially beneficial, more and more food-based establishments are offering CBD concoctions.

Are Therapeutic Claims Legal In Mississippi?

Therapeutic claims are not legal in Mississippi. Almost ever state has banned therapeutic claims, and that’s due to the FDA’s strict stance against CBD. If a manufacturer puts therapeutic claims on any of their packaging, the FDA can shut them down immediately. So, you won’t find any products with honest therapeutic claims on them. You’ll have to research the benefits of CBD on your own. Luckily, we have added a list of some of the benefits to this article. So, you don’t have to search too hard.

Can I Order CBD Online?

You can order any CBD products you want online, they just have to have less than .5 percent THC levels.

However, you do need to be careful when you order products online. A lot of online retailers use their positions to sell low-quality products. What are you going to do? Are you going to send a bunch of messages to a customer service team that never answers? Are you going to pay $15 to ship your product back for a five-dollar refund? You probably won’t, and all of the online retailers know that. So, you have to research specific sites before you do business with them.

Can I Travel With CBD In Mississippi?

Mississippi’s state officials don’t care if you bring a bag full of CBD products onto a public bus. You can travel to any part of the state, and no one will care about your CBD products. You do need to worry if you try to travel to Texas, Nebraska, and other strict states that are nearby, though. Those states will have law enforcement officers arrest you the second you cross their borders.

Can I Grow Hemp In Mississippi?

You cannot grow any hemp plants in Mississippi. The state’s officials don’t even allow farmers to grow hemp. There isn’t an industrial hemp program in the state, and there probably won’t be one for a while. All of Mississippi’s CBD products are imported from states that have well-developed industrial hemp programs. If you attempt to grow hemp in Mississippi, you will be treated as if you grew tons of pot plants. In short, you’ll be arrested.

Federal Laws

The federal laws aren’t as lenient as Mississippi’s state laws. They’re worded pretty poorly. Let’s go over the laws that affect CBD, and let’s go over the ways that those laws affect you as a consumer.

Is CBD Legal?

Most people consider CBD to be legal on the federal level. However, they fail to realize that the federal government simply said that hemp-derived products are legal. It didn’t say anything about CBD. The federal government did ensure that CBD was regulated, though. We’ll get to that in the next section.

Who Controls CBD?

The federal government gave the FDA control over all CBD products. That’s because the FDA approved a high-potency version of CBD for epilepsy patients, and CBD is now considered a drug. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration gets to make all of the federal regulations regarding CBD.

The FDA’s regulations aren’t good for consumers, either. Therapeutic claims, food items, drinks, and items marketed as drugs are completely illegal. That’s why most states allow normal CBD products to be sold as long as they don’t have therapeutic claims on them, and a lot of states have banned food additives. They don’t want to anger the FDA.

Can I Travel With CBD?

According to the FDA and the TSA, you cannot travel by plane while possessing CBD unless you have a medical condition and an approved CBD product. To be fair, that’s not the TSA’s rule. The TSA just enforces it. You can travel by car, though. You just have to avoid the states that have very strict CBD laws. That’s easy for some people, but it’s a lot harder for others.

This particular law should change once the government creates more defined laws.

When Will All Of This Change?

After reading all of that, you might be wondering when the federal government will change these laws. Well, you’re in luck. Since a lot of state officials are openly arguing with the FDA and federal officials, the federal laws will probably be changed within the next five years. So, you should see uniform laws across the nation within half a decade.

How To Use It

Mississippi’s state officials aren’t pressuring the federal government like the state officials in Oregon are, but they are allowing you to do just about anything you want. In this section, we’ll cover the products that you’re most likely to see on Mississippi’s store shelves.

Tobacco Alternatives

Mississippi is one of the nation’s biggest tobacco states. If you’ve used tobacco for any length of time, and you want to quit, you’ll be happy to know that there are new tobacco alternatives that are healthier for you.

CBD has been infused with e-juice, patches, and non-tobacco cigarettes to make it easier for you to quit smoking without continuing to use nicotine products.


Creams are some of the most popular products because you can buy them anywhere. They’re great for joint and muscle pains, but they’re not good for stabilizing your mood. If you just need a topical cream to relieve some minor pains, creams are great for you.


Edibles are the opposite of creams when it comes to their effects. Instead of treating your muscle pain, edibles make it easier for you to stabilize your mood and feel happy. They help with minor pains, but they don’t target specific areas, and they’re too slow to be practical for pain relief.

Pet Products

Pet products are also available if you have a particularly anxious or depressed pet. The products can also help your pet fight the affects of aging pains.

Final Thoughts

Mississippi is pretty relaxed when it comes to CBD. You can buy what you want, and the state doesn’t interfere too much. Here are some of the benefits you can experience:

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety and depression relief
  • Less wrinkles
  • Treatment for some mental disorders