Minnesota is the latest victim of the federal government’s poorly-worded CBD laws, and the state’s population is in a bit of a confused state at the moment because of that. The CBD industry is currently flourishing in the state, but it’s not operating legally, and new bills have been passed to help solve that problem.

In this article, we’ll talk about the current state of Minnesota’s CBD industry, the new bills that will change the state’s laws, and what you can do with CBD at the moment. Then, we’ll go over the federal laws that have caused this mess.

State Laws

First, Minnesota’s lawmakers have officially stated that CBD is not legal in the state. You wouldn’t be able to understand that if you just walked around your local stores. It’s being sold all over the state, and law enforcement officers are having a lot of problems shutting down all of the CBD operations.

Why Is It Illegal?

After reading the first section of this article, you might believe that Minnesota is taking an anti-CBD stance. That’s not the case. The only reason the state’s officials have officially declared it as illegal is because the industry has grown too quickly.

When the 2018 Farm Bill passed, Minnesota’s state officials were slow to write regulatory laws to control the CBD industry in a reasonable way. Due to the state’s slow reaction to the 2018 Farm Bill, small CBD startups started popping up all over the state at an alarming rate.

Since there were no regulations in place, the stores, restaurants, and specialty shops started selling products with outrageous claims attached to them, food items were being sold without being approved, and none of the products were tested before being sold to the public. Those are issues that are still affecting Minnesota’s CBD industry to this day. Now, there are so many stores selling unregulated products that the state government can’t keep up.

Concern about the unregulated products grew, and with a little bit of pressure from the state’s doctors, state officials decided to declare the sale of CBD products illegal until regulatory laws were passed and put into effect.

When Will New Laws Be Passed?

Well, new laws have already been passed. They just haven’t taken effect. More regulatory laws are expected to be passed before the end of the year, and the state’s regulations should be a bit easier to understand by the beginning of 2020. Until then, CBD is illegal in Minnesota.

Outrageous Claims

Several retailers started making outrageous claims about their products. That set off red flags for the state’s medical officials and government agencies.

Some of the claims were actually fairly dangerous. Retailers were claiming that CBD can treat cancer and serious psychological disorders. Obviously, refusing to take proper cancer medications can result in a patient’s death fairly quickly. If someone decides to treat a very serious psychological disorder with CBD instead of their medications, they can harm themselves, or they might harm someone else.

Less serious claims were made, too. Some of them were honest. CBD can help with certain skin issues, and it can treat minor pains or mood swings. However, it’s not a magical cream that cures everything, and claiming that it is can be very destructive.

If you’re a little confused, try imagining what would happen if people started telling cancer patients to just take some Tylenol and sleep it off.

Unregulated Food Products

Food products aren’t as concerning as medical claims, but they should be tested for quality and safety reasons. All other food items are tested in the state for the same reasons, but CBD retailers were completely ignoring the state’s food laws.

This doesn’t mean that you should be afraid of CBD food products when they are legalized. It just means that the CBD industry needs to be held to the same standards as other industries that sell consumables. For what it’s worth, CBD food items are very popular in a lot of other states, and there haven’t been any issues with low-quality or dangerous CBD food items.

Untested Products

Finally, none of the CBD products are being tested in Minnesota. That means that you basically have to trust that the manufacturer is being honest when they label their products. Most retailers are very honest about their products, but there are some who sell what is essentially vegetable oil as if it is high-quality CBD oil. There are people who are using improper and dangerous methods to extract CBD from hemp plants. Some really shady operations might be using marijuana to make their CBD products, and that can make you test positive for marijuana right before landing your dream job.

The state is planning to handle this issue, but we’ll talk about that more in the next section.

How Will The CBD Industry Change?

Minnesota’s CBD industry will change in 2020. Laws have already been passed, and they take effect in 2020. For instance, CBD manufacturers and retailers will be forced to send samples from each batch of products that they make to a third-party lab. That lab will check the ingredients, CBD levels, and THC levels of the products. Manufacturers will be forced to provide the results of those lab tests to all of their customers, too.

That law will weed out some of the less honest manufacturers and retailers, and it’ll allow you to know that the products you’re buying are what they’re supposed to be.

Food items are expected to be banned for a little while, but that will probably change in 2020, too.

Finally, labels will not be able to have medical claims attached to them anymore, and there will be serious consequences for retailers who make outrageous claims about CBD. That might make it a little harder for new CBD users to know what they should buy, but it’ll keep dishonest retailers from blatantly lying to their customers about the effectiveness of CBD.

What Can I Buy?

If you want to know what you can purchase legally, the answer is nothing. CBD is not legal in Minnesota until the new laws take effect. However, plenty of stores are still selling CBD products, and law enforcement officers are focusing on shutting down retailers. They most likely won’t mess with you. If that’s a risk that you’re willing to take, you can buy whatever you want until 2020.

Federal Laws

Federal laws are major influences for Minnesota’s lawmakers. That’s why therapeutic claims and food products are looked down upon in Minnesota. In this section, we’ll talk about why that’s the case.

The FDA’s Stance On CBD

The FDA is the biggest proponent of rigorously testing CBD products. That’s for two main reasons.

  • 1: CBD hasn’t been tested very much. While it’s very unlikely that it causes any long-term issues, no one can say that it doesn’t. It just hasn’t been in widespread use long enough for anyone to know the long-term effects of CBD. So, on one hand, the FDA is genuinely trying to look out for the safety of Americans.
  • 2: On the other hand, the FDA generates a lot of revenue by testing products. So, it obviously wants every manufacturer to have their products tested by the FDA. Third-party lab results should be enough to prove that a product isn’t dangerous, but third-party labs don’t generate revenue for the FDA.

The FDA has the power to demand that states comply with FDA testing due the recent law that made CBD federally legal as an epilepsy treatment. Once that law was passed, all CBD products became drugs in the law’s eyes, and the FDA controls the legality of drugs in the United States.

Extra Information

The previous section talked about the FDA’s stance on CBD, but now we’re going to tell you a few other federal laws that will affect you.

  • 1: You cannot travel by plane with CBD. Unless you have epilepsy, TSA agents will confiscate your CBD products, and they might call the police.
  • 2: Traveling via car is also very difficult. If you get pulled over in a state that is not CBD-friendly, you can easily end up in jail.
  • 3: The laws differ across the country. While Minnesota isn’t allowing CBD to be sold right now, Oregon is embracing it. While CBD will get you arrested in Texas, you can openly use it in public in Illinois. You have to research any state you plan on traveling to.

How To Use It

Since CBD is illegal in Minnesota, you can’t use it without risking jail time. So, this section is a little more empty than usual. However, you’ll see a lot of legal products on store shelves in the earlier parts of 2020.

You can find CBD creams, candies, toiletries, and other items, but we’re not here to tell you how to break the law. You’ll have to do that on your own.

Final Thoughts

Right now, Minnesota is a horrible state for CBD users. CBD products are illegal, and law enforcement officers are trying to enforce the law. However, that will change drastically in 2020. When the new laws take effect, Minnesota will be just like most other states.