Maryland is close to our nation’s capital, and that would make most people believe that the state would have strict CBD laws that match the current federal laws. However, that’s not the case. We’ll dig into the ways that Maryland has separated itself from the federal government’s CBD laws, and we’ll go over what you can and can’t do in Maryland.

State Laws

In this section, we’re only going to cover the state-level laws that affect Maryland’s residents. For federal laws and different facts about CBD, you can keep reading until you reach the lower half of this article.

Is CBD Legal?

Maryland has legalized the sale and possession of hemp-derived CBD. CBD has been legal in the state since the end of 2018, and the laws have been fleshed out enough to keep Maryland’s residents from being confused when it comes to CBD.

However, that only goes for hemp-derived CBD. Marijuana-derived CBD is only available to Maryland’s residents if they possess a medical marijuana card. Recreational marijuana products might become legal in the near future, but they’re illegal at the moment.

The difference between hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD is the amount of THC that each type of CBD oil contains. Marijuana has enough THC to get you high, and hemp does not have enough THC to impact your mental state.

What Is The THC Limit?

Maryland’s lawmakers have agreed to enforce the standard THC limit that the federal government chose when writing the 2018 Farm Bill. So, you can legally buy products that have less than .3 percent THC, and any products that have more than that are regulated by Maryland’s fairly strict marijuana laws.

Are Food Items Legal?

CBD food items are growing increasingly popular around the nation, but some states don’t allow them. Luckily, Maryland is not one of those states. As long as CBD food items contain less than the legal THC limit, they are legal in Maryland. In fact, most stores have started stocking the delicious treats to capitalize on their popularity. You can find them in gas stations, head shops, grocery stores, dispensaries, and all kinds of other stores. The most popular products are gummy candies and chocolates.

You can also find a fairly large selection of canned CBD drinks on most store shelves. The drinks are convenient ways to experience the calming effects of CBD without having to use creams or chew on gummy bears, and they’re pretty refreshing.

Can Restaurants Sell CBD?

In some states, stores can sell prepackaged CBD foods, but restaurants can’t sell fresh CBD food items. Maryland doesn’t have those laws. Restaurants, bars, and cafes can all sell CBD-infused menu items without worrying about legal issues. However, they cannot utilize marijuana-derived CBD in their recipes. All CBD menu items must contain hemp-derived CBD, and the products used must comply with all of the CBD regulations that Maryland has.

A lot of different restaurants have started to add CBD dessert items to their menus. Entrees haven’t been implemented as much, but there are plenty of cakes and pies that you can choose from at a lot of different restaurants.

Coffee shops have also embraced CBD. Instead of getting a fancy coffee with a bunch of whipped cream on top, you can now get CBD infused into your coffee to give you a few health benefits.

Finally, most bars are now offering drinks that are infused with CBD. The drinks are alcoholic, and that means that you’ll need to be an adult to enjoy them, but they allow you to drink alcohol that has a few health benefits in it.

Can I Grow Hemp?

You can grow hemp in Maryland. However, you have to apply for a grower’s license, and then you have to apply for a distributor’s license. You have to get the distributor’s license even if you just plan to use your plants for your own personal use. That’s a weird regulation, but it ensures that no one can get away with illegally selling CBD products that aren’t made properly.

The licenses can be fairly expensive for average people to buy, though. So, it might be cheaper for you to simply buy CBD from the store.

Maryland’s Laws Change A Lot

All of these laws are accurate for the time being, but Maryland’s state officials have been tweaking and adjusting the laws every few months for the last year. The laws we listed can change at any time. That’s not a big deal if you’re a consumer. Some products may become unavailable, but you won’t face any legal problems. Retailers should keep an eye on the state’s CBD laws, though. Since they change all the time, a retailer can easily go from running a legal business operation to being considered a drug dealer within a matter of days.

Federal Laws

The federal laws don’t match up with Maryland’s laws at all. They’re complicated, and they’re worded horribly. We’ll go over the main ways that the federal laws contradict Maryland’s state-level laws.

It’s Illegal

Maryland and most other states might consider CBD to be a legal product, but the FDA does not, and that’s the agency that is in charge of regulating CBD on the federal level. The FDA doesn’t believe that CBD should be legal until it is thoroughly tested. To the FDA, that means that all manufacturers should submit samples of their products to the FDA for a lengthy and extremely expensive testing process. Of course, manufacturers also have to pay the expensive fees that the FDA requires to handle the testing process.


While most people consider CBD to be perfectly safe, the FDA has labeled it as Non-GRAS. GRAS is the term the FDA uses for foods that are generally regarded as safe. Since the FDA has said that CBD is not GRAS, some states have banned its sale. That will probably change within the next few years, but it’s still disappointing. It also means that travelers experience a lot of issues when they try to bring CBD products along with them on their journeys.

How To Use It

You have a lot of different products to choose from in Maryland, and some of them aren’t available in most other states. So, we’re going to cover four of Maryland’s most popular types of products, and that’ll give you a good idea of where you should start when you decide to use CBD for the first time.

Topical Products

Topical products are extremely easy to find, and they’re cheap. They’re not the most flexible products, though. If a product is marketed as a facial cream, that’s all you can use it for. If a product is marketed as a muscle cream, that’s all you can use it for. You can’t use topical creams for multiple things like you can oils and tinctures.

With that being said, they’re great for repairing skin damage that is caused by aging or a skin condition, and they’re great for athletes.


Edibles are all the rage right now, and since Maryland has such a lenient stance on edible CBD items, you have tons of different choices to choose from. Cookies, pies, cakes, ice creams, gummy candies, chocolates, and tons of other treats are made with CBD in Maryland, and you can even find some savory snacks that have CBD in them.

We recommend buying prepackaged CBD treats first, but once you know how you react to CBD, you can go out to restaurants and try all kinds of weird concoctions.

Nicotine Alternatives

As more people become aware of the negative ways that nicotine affects so many people, a lot of smokers are choosing to quit. However, it’s not easy to quit smoking. Withdrawals can cause former smokers to become irritable, depressed, and even suicidal or aggressive. Luckily, there are new CBD-based alternatives on the market. E-juices, hemp dips, hemp cigarettes, and even CBD patches are available to help people stop smoking. If that sounds like something you could benefit from, we suggest picking up a CBD-based alternative to nicotine as soon as possible.

Pet Products

Pet owners should rejoice if they live in Maryland. Sometimes pets get sick, or they don’t act like themselves when they age. Luckily, Maryland allows pet owners to use CBD products on their pets. The products help relieve a pet’s chronic pain, and they can even help treat depression or anxiety in pets.

Final Thoughts

Maryland is very CBD-friendly at the moment, but the state’s officials are constantly trying to adjust the laws. No one will know just how CBD-friendly Maryland is until all of the laws are exactly how the state’s officials want them to be, but we can at least say that the state’s laws currently work in favor of CBD users. With over 100 approved CBD dispensaries in Maryland, there are plenty of places for you to pick up the highest quality CBD products. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, and see what all the fuss is about!