Maine may be known for its world-class lobsters and peaceful seascapes, but the state recently underwent massive changes to its CBD laws, and the state has stood very firmly against the FDA and DEA.

Not only can you purchase or sell CBD products, you can also get food items, now. We’ll break everything down in detail over the next few sections, but Maine just became one of the most CBD-friendly states in the country.

State Laws

First, you should know that CBD was illegal in Maine until the beginning of 2019. The state’s officials weren’t too worried about it, and they didn’t care to support the CBD industry. However, they have not only legalized the sale of basic CBD products, but they have also legalized food items in August. Maine is one of the few states that has actual laws that protect everyone’s right to purchase and use CBD-infused foods.

The CBD products that just about anyone can buy were legalized a few months before the food law was passed. With CBD growing in popularity across the nation, it was only a matter of time before Maine’s officials gave into the pressure to start legalizing it.

Soon after the law was passed, standard CBD products started popping up in nearly every store, and they sold like hotcakes. The economic boost that Maine received was enough to convince Maine’s state officials to be even more lenient with their CBD laws, and House Bill 630 was created.

House Bill 630 effectively legalized the sale and consumption of CBD-infused foods and food additives. The bill states that the state of Maine has fully legalized CBD food items and food additives, and that the law will be affected by the FDA’s guidelines. That’s in direct conflict with the CBD prohibition guidelines that the FDA has released, and it’s a major step towards forcing the FDA to loosen its grip on CBD products. We’ll talk more about that in the next section, but it’s important for you to know how much Maine’s new law does for the rest of the country.

Since House Bill 630 took effect, you can now find an endless variety of CBD food items on your local store’s shelves. Well, you might not find a huge variety yet, but manufacturers will take advantage of the new law, and you’ll start seeing a lot more options than you ever thought possible. Just try to wait a couple of months. The CBD industry moves pretty quickly.

The law also made it legal for bartenders and restaurant owners to mix CBD drinks and cook food items. Now, you can get a little more than just a beer or a cocktail when you go out for a relaxing evening. You can get something that actually has some positive benefits.

However, there are a couple of rules that retailers and manufacturers will have to follow if they want to stay out of trouble.

First, manufacturers have to be licensed to make the food items just like they do for all of their other products. So, you can’t just grow hemp in your backyard, blend it up in a smoothie, and start selling it. You have to be part of a proper company, and that company has to have a license.

Second, retailers and manufacturers have to ensure that their food items and food additives are only made with local hemp. They can’t import hemp from South Carolina to make a batch of CBD candies. It has to come from a licensed hemp farm in the state of Maine.

That law is mostly there to help Maine’s officials monitor the sale of CBD-infused foods. Since they’re directly opposing the FDA, it’s best that they take safety measures into their own hands, and they have to keep some semblance of order.

Everything else is fairly standard in Maine. Maine uses the federal THC limit of .3 percent, and therapeutic claims are still banned. In fact, a part of House Bill 630 declares it illegal for companies and retailers to claim that food items have any therapeutic benefits.

Federal Laws

The federal government’s stance on CBD is complicated. If you ask fifty different people if the federal government has legalized CBD, you’ll probably get fifty different answers. It’s just too difficult to understand exactly where the federal government stands on the matter.

While the wording of the laws is incredibly murky, I can give you a breakdown of the general idea that most people believe is true.

First, it’s generally accepted that the 2018 Farm Bill didn’t actually legalize CBD oil. The law just said that hemp-derived products with less than .3 percent THC are legal, but it’s a bill that is aimed at industrial hemp. Most people believe that it only meant that hemp-derived products such as paper, construction materials, plastic, and other non-consumable items are covered by the 2018 Farm Bill.

That interpretation of the bill makes sense because another part of the bill says that the FDA maintains all of its regulatory power over consumables, and the federal government hasn’t tried to appeal to the FDA.

On the other hand, CBD is a hemp-derived product, and that means that it should technically be legal in all fifty states. That’s how CBD-friendly states have interpreted the 2018 Farm Bill.

Luckily, the FDA’s guidelines haven’t really affected CBD-friendly states. Even though the FDA has teamed up with the DEA to enforce the FDA’s guidelines, neither agency can actually enforce anything if state agencies don’t cooperate. So, CBD-friendly states are the perfect havens for CBD users.

The FDA and DEA can enforce their rules in airports, though. The TSA is obligated to enforce the unnecessary guidelines. So, you might want to be cautious about bringing CBD products to the airport.

How To Use It

Since Maine just changed their laws to be more lenient, you have more options to choose from than ever before. We’ll go over a few of the newer options, now.

CBD Desserts

CBD desserts are some of the hottest new items that you can buy in Maine. In this section, we’re talking about the desserts that you can order at restaurants. We’ll talk about store-bought options later on.

With House Bill 630 being signed into law, restaurant owners have the right to whip up delicious new versions of their dessert menu items. Instead of getting a boring old slice of cheesecake, you can get one that’s infused with CBD oil. Not only will you be able to enjoy the dessert, but you’ll get to experience the relaxing benefits of CBD. You don’t just have to get cheesecake, either. We just used that as an example. You can end your night out with just about any type of dessert that has CBD in it.

Store-Bought Options

You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant to experience a delicious CBD dessert. You can buy some items at your local grocery store, too. Right now, manufacturers are still trying to get new products onto store shelves. So, you’ll probably only find chocolates, ice cream pints, and other common desserts for the time being.

However, since House Bill 630 legalized all food items, you should start seeing a huge variety of CBD food products within the next few months. Just don’t try to eat an entire pint of CBD ice cream by yourself. You might get nauseous from consuming too much at one time.

CBD Drinks

Restaurants aren’t the only food establishments that benefit from House Bill 630. Bars also get to enjoy creating new menu items. Mixing CBD with alcohol increases the relaxing effects of the alcohol, and it adds the positive health benefits of the CBD. In short, it’s a great way to get more out of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

If you want to try out a CBD drink, you just have to find a bar that offers them, and then order one like you would any other alcoholic drink. We are talking about an adult beverage, though. So, you should bring your identification card along.

Pet Products

If you’ve read the rest of this article, you know that Maine is pretty lenient. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that the state doesn’t care if you use CBD pet products. You can buy any type of pet product that you want, and you can use it on your pet without fearing any consequences.

CBD pet products are safe alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines, and they’re usually easier for your pet to consume. Instead of wrestling a dangerous pill into your dog’s mouth, you can simply spray some CBD onto his favorite food. It’s that easy.

Final Thoughts

Maine quickly went from being one of the worst states for CBD users to being one of the best states for CBD users. Within a few short months, its CBD industry has expanded greatly, and CBD users have more options at their disposal than anyone ever would have thought possible.

As 2019 continues to pass, more and more CBD products will enter Maine’s CBD market, and you’ll have access to just about every product you can imagine.