You’d think that the state known for wild Mardi Gras parades and backwoods parties would be one of the best states for CBD users to reside in, but that isn’t the case.

CBD isn’t new to Louisiana. Stores started selling it over a year ago, and the industry looked as if it was going to take off faster than Usain Bolt. However, Louisiana’s ruling body quickly confused store owners, and that’s a mistake that is still causing problems.

As for now, you can purchase CBD products in a limited number of stores, but the future of Louisiana’s CBD industry doesn’t look very bright. Let’s dig into the laws to see how they affect Louisiana’s struggling CBD industry.

State Laws

To fully understand why Louisiana’s laws are having a negative impact on Louisiana’s CBD industry, we have to talk about the state’s history with CBD legislature.

During 2018, Louisiana was seeing a massive economic boost from CBD sales, and the products were flying off of store shelves just as fast as stores could stock them. New companies were entering the industry, and they were creating new products.

That was mostly due to the state having barely any regulations in place to control the products. In fact, CBD manufacturers could do whatever they wanted for the most part. That was extremely beneficial to the CBD industry, but it also led to concerns about the quality of the products.

That industry-wide boom came to a full stop in early 2019. The Board of Pharmacy and the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco both decided that CBD sales were illegal in the state, and they notified all licensed distributors that selling the products was considered a crime.

You should remember that this was long after the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law by the federal government. CBD was not illegal, and Louisiana’s laws were outdated. In August of 2019, Louisiana decided to sign several bills that would legalize CBD sales on the state level.

However, those new laws created several new restrictions that would ultimately cripple Louisiana’s CBD industry.

For the most part, Louisiana laws match the federal laws that were created in 2018. You can legally purchase CBD products from licensed retailers without worrying a whole lot. You just can’t buy anything that exceeds .3 percent THC levels, and your options will be limited due to the new restrictions place on manufacturers.

The majority of the problems affect retailers and manufacturers. If you’re selling CBD, you may run into several roadblocks.

First, you have to sign up for a temporary license. The deadline for new applicants was on the first of September, and no one knows when the next application window will be.

The state received over 500 applications, but only twenty businesses have been granted licenses so far. More are expected to receive their licenses as the applications are processed.

That obviously limits the number of stores that CBD users can go to, but what makes it worse is that the licenses are only temporary. They’ll expire next February, and all of those businesses will have to go through the application process again. Within a few short months, all of those stores could be removing their CBD products from their shelves until they’re licensed again.

This is due to the temporary nature of the regulations Louisiana has haphazardly signed into effect. The state’s officials are still working on adding legitimate laws to their books, and they’re not expecting anything to take effect until next year.

Besides that, the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco is completely outlawing the distribution of CBD products that can be eaten or inhaled. That means that CBD-infused vape juices, hemp cigarettes, CBD candies, CBD drinks, CannaDip, and anything else that goes in your mouth is completely illegal to make, sell, or use in Louisiana.

Those restrictions are worse than the ones in Texas or Nebraska. At least they allow CBD vape juice to be sold.

During the months that followed the 2018 Farm Bill, Louisiana was possibly the best place for CBD users. Now, its industry is crippled, and retailers are worried that they might not see any changes for years to come.

Federal Laws

Louisiana is the perfect example of the confusion that the federal government has created. During the months that immediately followed the 2018 Farm Bill, Louisiana retailers were making massive profits, and consumers were enjoying some of the most innovative CBD products on the market. It didn’t last, though. Louisiana lawmakers felt that their laws didn’t match the federal laws, and they were forced to make it illegal.

Despite legalizing CBD again, Louisiana’s CBD industry is still suffering due to state officials imposing unnecessary restrictions, and the restrictions are almost entirely due to federal laws.

That’s the case around the country. The FDA and other federal agencies have made it nearly impossible for individual states to stay on the same page, and the conflicting laws make it difficult for consumers to know exactly what’s going on.

Truck drivers are a good example of this. They are often pulled over for transporting massive amounts of CBD products, and they sometimes face charges, but CBD is legal on the federal level. In theory, no one should have to worry about moving between states with CBD products. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

You also see a lot of confusion within individual counties. Texas is an example of this. Selling CBD in one county might be perfectly fine but selling it in another can be considered a felony.

The differences between different areas make CBD a controversial product, and the only way it will change is if the federal government takes CBD more seriously. The federal government must actively work to get all of the states on the same page, and it looks as if it might take quite some time to do that.

How To Use It

Your options are pretty limited if you’re living in Louisiana. You used to be able to buy just about any CBD products, but recent changes to Louisiana laws have completely changed that.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the products that Louisiana does allow you to use, though. Here are a few examples.


These topical creams are infused with CBD, and they can be used in a number of ways.

Here are a few of the uses these creams have:

  • Pain relief
  • Acne treatment
  • Psoriasis treatment
  • Anti-aging purposes
  • Anxiety and depression relief

Most people will probably want to use these creams to relieve pain. You can rub a small amount of CBD-infused cream on your achy joints or muscles, and the pain should start to fade away within a few minutes. It won’t help with major injuries or intense pains, but it can help minor aches.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory, and that makes it great for your skin’s health. Beauty lines have been marketing these creams as the perfect way to reduce acne, treat psoriasis, and reduce the amount of wrinkles that you get on your face.

These aren’t as effective for relieving anxiety and depression as consumables are, but they can help. To use these for that purpose, you just have to apply the cream regularly. You’re better off using an edible or an inhaled CBD product for this, but those aren’t legal in Louisiana.

Bath Bombs

Louisiana hasn’t gotten rid of all of the fun products. You can still purchase CBD bath bombs. These aren’t very versatile like other products, but they do enhance your bathing experience.

CBD bath bombs can quickly help with aches and pains, and they tend to soothe you as they release their vapors into the air during a warm bath.

To use them, you just run some warm bath water, hop in, and throw the bath bomb into the water with you. It’ll fizzle and disintegrate over the course of a few minutes, and you’ll quickly find yourself in a soothing bath of CBD oil.


These products are similar to CBD creams, but they’re designed to be used on your entire body, and you usually get more in a bottle of lotion than you do in a bottle of cream.

They have the same uses as the CBD creams we mentioned earlier, and they’re used in a similar way. Just rub the lotion onto your body, and wait for the soothing effect to occur.


Sadly, pets are forced to go without the benefits of CBD in Louisiana. The state has completely outlawed consumables, and pet products are almost exclusively made to be eaten. At the moment, you’ll have to stick to conventional medicines for your pets.

Final Thoughts

Louisiana was once one of the best places for CBD users. It was lenient, unregulated, and a haven for manufacturers and retailers. Sadly, new laws have changed all of that, and even some of the strictest states are more lenient towards CBD than Louisiana.

Next year might make it a little bit better, but CBD retailers aren’t expecting to see much of a change, and it might be quite some time before the state returns to its former glory in the eyes of CBD users.