Indiana has some of the strictest cannabis laws in the nation. In fact, it’s the state that started the nation-wide marijuana ban in the early 1900’s. However, state officials have opened their minds a little in recent years, and while you can’t buy or possess marijuana in the state, you can get your hands on certain CBD products.

There are some very strict laws in place to regulate CBD in Indiana, though. So, we’ll go over those now.

State Laws

Before we get started, CBD is legal in Indiana. The regulations aren’t too strict, but there are serious consequences if you don’t follow them. So, pay close attention to each regulation.

Who Can Buy CBD Products In Indiana?

Anyone can purchase CBD products in Indiana. The state doesn’t limit people based on age, health factors, or anything like that. You can buy as much or as little CBD as you want.

However, it is illegal to test positive for THC in Indiana. So, you’ll want to ensure that you only use CBD products that have less than .3 percent THC in them, and you’ll want to refrain from using CBD before you take a drug test. CBD can’t get you high, and it’s unlikely to show up on a drug test, but in rare circumstances, it can cause you to have a false-positive result. If that happens, you can face 60 days in jail and a %500 fine. All products that contain more .3 percent THC are illegal, too.

What Does A CBD Product Need To Be Legal?

As you know, CBD is legal, but there are several requirements that a product must meet before it is allowed to be sold. We’ll go over each of those requirements here.

First, all products must contain less than .3 percent THC. However, a company can’t just slap that on a label and call it a day. They have to send each batch of products off to a third-party laboratory to have random samples tested. The laboratory tests the THC levels in the samples, and if they’re low enough, the products are approved for sale. After a product is approved, the manufacturer is given a certificate to prove that the product has been approved. If law enforcement officers ask for the approval certificate, the manufacturer must have it ready for them to view.

A CBD product requires more than just an approval by a third party. Labels must contain the exact THC level of a product, and several disclaimers must be listed alongside a complete list of ingredients.

Besides the standard label requirements, all CBD products must have a QR code that allows customers to scan the products with their phones. The QR code must direct customers to a website that contains all of the information that pertains to each specific product. Approval certificates, ingredients, and additional information must be available via the QR code.

If a product is missing any of those features, it is illegal.

Are Food Items Legal In Indiana?

Food items are legal in Indiana. Indiana does not have a regulatory agency that chooses to ban specific products. So, as long as a product meets the requirements we listed in the previous section, it is legal. It doesn’t matter if it’s edible or not. That means that all of the gummy candies, chocolates, ice creams, and other sweets that most stores are selling now are completely legal.

That regulation is a little confusing when it comes to restaurants and bars that sell CBD-infused drinks and food items. Since restaurants obviously can’t put labels and QR codes on every entree or alcoholic beverage they serve, some people believe the practice is illegal. Others believe that restaurants can legally serve their CBD-infused menu items as long as they use products that meet the state’s requirements. Either way, the police and state officials aren’t shutting down restaurants. So, it’s not a big deal.

Can I Grow Hemp To Make My Own Products?

No one can grow hemp in Indiana. The state still doesn’t have an industrial hemp program and growing your own at home is entirely illegal. In fact, you can face several years in jail and some pretty massive fines if you’re caught growing your own hemp. The crime is processed the same way that it would be if you grew marijuana, and Indiana does not mess around with marijuana.

That’s why you should only buy products from stores in Indiana or websites that sell products with all of Indiana’s label requirements.

Can I Travel With CBD?

You can travel around the state with as much CBD as you want. However, if you get pulled over, and you test positive for THC, you will be charged with a DUI, and you will face time in jail as if you used marijuana. Since CBD can trigger a false-positive result with some drug testing methods, you should refrain from using it while you drive. Your chances of experiencing that are slim, but it’s still risky to use CBD and immediately drive.

Federal Laws

The federal government’s CBD laws are vague and difficult to understand. They also have a negative impact on the nation-wide CBD industry. The legislative branch of the federal government isn’t even attempting to change the CBD laws at the moment. Its last attempt to work with CBD laws across the country was the 2018 Farm Bill, and while that was a big step in the right direction, it was mostly undone by the FDA. The only reason the CBD industry has continued to thrive is because states don’t follow the FDA’s rules.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD is not legal on the federal level. Most people believe it is because of the 2018 Farm Bill. However, regulatory power was handed over to the FDA, and the FDA decided to prohibit the sale of CBD unless it is approved by the FDA. The FDA hasn’t approved anything besides an epilepsy treatment. So, all of the cool products that people are enjoying are illegal on the federal level. Luckily, state governments have created their own laws, and most states have chosen to be more lenient than the FDA.

Can I Travel With CBD?

The federal government doesn’t care if you travel with CBD, but the FDA has instructed TSA agents to prevent people from flying with CBD unless their products are approved by the FDA. Unless you have epilepsy and a prescription for medicinal CBD, you won’t be able to take your products on a plane. You’ll have to drive, and that means you’ll have to avoid states that are less than friendly towards CBD users.

When Will This Change?

You don’t have to worry about the federal laws too much. Most states don’t follow them, and they’ll change within the next five years. The FDA is already trying to start approving more products to make its public image better, and with state officials pressuring the FDA, the agency doesn’t have a lot of time to play around. You can look forward to seeing new laws within the next five years.

How To Use It

Since all CBD products are legal in Indiana, you have a lot of different items to choose from. We’ll only cover a few of them here, but we urge you to shop around and try new things. Keep in mind that all of these products must meet the requirements that we listed earlier, though. Always make sure to check for those requirements before you purchase anything.

CBD E-Juice

E-juice has grown in popularity over the last decade as an alternative to smoking tobacco. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding vaping and e-juice. Some e-juices have too much nicotine in them, and that can lead to nicotine poisoning if a vape user inhales too much e-juice. Luckily, CBD-infused e-juice doesn’t pose that risk, and while it won’t satisfy your nicotine cravings, it will make it easier for you to deal with withdrawals. So, it’s a healthy alternative to smoking, and you don’t have to worry about nicotine like you do with normal e-juice.

Topical Creams

Topical creams can be used by anyone, but they’ll mostly benefit athletes, labor workers, and people who experience chronic pain. The creams are infused with pure CBD, and that CBD penetrates your skin to provide fast-acting relief from minor joint and muscle pains.


If you want something that will relax you and make you feel better about life, you can’t go wrong with a CBD edible. These edibles contain fairly large amounts of CBD, and they provide long-lasting results. You don’t even have to eat a lot. Popping a few CBD gummy bears into your mouth each morning will help you stay happy and relaxed all day long.

Pet Products

Why should humans have all the fun when it comes to CBD? CBD pet products are inexpensive, and they can help your pets live longer and happier lives. We recommend trying one of the many CBD-infused pet treats that are sold in Indiana.

Final Thoughts

Indiana might have strict marijuana laws, but the state has become a CBD-friendly place. Manufacturers have more hoops to jump through, but those hoops ensure that customers only receive safe and high-quality products.