Hawaii might be the state that everyone thinks of when they think of relaxation and freedom, but it’s actually a very strict state when it comes to CBD. You shouldn’t expect to enjoy edibles, cosmetics, or most other CBD items in Hawaii. The state’s officials are choosing to limit their civilians instead of fighting the FDA.

Hawaii is strict, and we’ll go over the different ways that Hawaii’s laws limit your CBD usage.

State Laws

Hawaii’s state laws almost entirely fall in line with the FDA’s expectations. The only way Hawaii’s state officials could support the FDA anymore is if they simply banned CBD. Here are a few commonly asked questions and their disappointing answers.

Is CBD Legal In Hawaii?

CBD is technically legal in Hawaii. However, only the most basic forms of it are legal. Most of the fun products are completely banned.

Can I Buy Edibles In Hawaii?

Hawaii’s state officials have completely banned edible CBD items. You cannot purchase any edible items in grocery stores, CBD shops, or any other retail establishments. You also won’t be able to find CBD items on restaurant menus. Finally, CBD cannot be sold or used as a food additive. So, any gummy candies, cookies, seasonings, or other goodies that you wanted to try are completely off the table.

Are CBD Cosmetics Legal?

CBD versions of anti-aging creams and other cosmetics are growing in popularity, but you won’t be able to purchase or sell any of them in Hawaii. They’re considered drugs, and Hawaii is completely against using CBD as a drug. So, you’ll have to stick to the CBD-free versions that people have used for decades.

It’s not clear if this law extends to lotions and other topical creams. Cosmetic items can be just about anything. So, everyday items that teeter on the edge of being cosmetic items are still sold in some stores.

Can I Grow Hemp In Hawaii?

In some states, CBD users get around strict bans by growing their own hemp. They then use that home-grown hemp to produce their own products. In Hawaii, that will get you thrown in jail. If you do avoid a jail sentence, you will be fined very heavily.

Traveling With CBD

Traveling with CBD is a bigger issue in Hawaii than it is in other states. You can easily travel around the island, but Hawaii’s secluded nature makes it nearly impossible to bring your CBD products with you. The TSA will prevent you from boarding planes, and boats have anti-smuggling rules that will prevent you from carrying CBD in some cases. As long as you stay on the island, you’ll be fine. However, you’ll want to leave your CBD products at home if you decide to leave Hawaii. Traveling between the individual islands that make up the state of Hawaii can also be a challenge. So, keep that in mind.

What Is The THC Limit In Hawaii?

For now, Hawaii’s THC limit is .3 percent. That’s on par with most other states, and it’s one of the few reasonable CBD laws that Hawaii has.

Why Is Hawaii Calling CBD Unsafe?

Hawaii issued a state-wide notice that CBD is considered unsafe. That is a very misleading statement, but it is entirely due to the FDA calling it unsafe. The FDA hasn’t proven that CBD has any negative effects, but it also hasn’t properly tested CBD to show that it has positive effects, either. So, the FDA and Hawaii are both calling CBD an unsafe substance until it is properly tested. Coincidentally, for the FDA to properly test CBD, it wants CBD manufacturers to submit their products and pay a huge fee. You can put two and two together.

Can I Order Products Online?

You can order products online. However, they cannot be edibles or cosmetics, and they cannot be considered therapeutic. Basically, you can purchase CBD oil and other basic products, but all of the fun stuff will be confiscated by customs officers.

Are Therapeutic Claims Okay?

Therapeutic claims are not okay in Hawaii. You cannot call a CBD product a sleep aid, dietary supplement, anxiety medicine, depression medicine, or anything else. Retailers can only say that it is CBD. If you want to know what a product is good for, you must take it upon yourself to research the effects of specific CBD products online. Luckily, we’ll talk about a few of them later on.

Federal Laws

We’re going to focus on the FDA’s effect on Hawaii for this section. The federal guidelines have had very little effect on Hawaii’s state officials, but the FDA has made Hawaii one of the least CBD-friendly states out there.

Here are a few key points regarding the FDA’s perspective on CBD.

Do They Want It To Be Legal?

The answer to this question is disappointing. Sadly, the FDA has tried to ban CBD entirely, but most states have ignored the regulations that the FDA has put in place. The federal government says that hemp-derived products are legal, and that’s what most states use as guidance.

The FDA’s leaders say that they just want to make sure CBD is safe before they support it, but their actions prove otherwise. We’ll talk about that a little more later on.

What Is The FDA Doing About CBD?

The FDA actually isn’t doing anything about CBD. The most the FDA has done is bully retailers by threatening to shut their stores down, and the FDA has tried to pressure state officials into enforcing their nonsensical rules. Luckily, most state officials have refused to help, and some have had no problem fighting the FDA.

The FDA is currently saying that it wants to test CBD products before calling them safe for public usage. That sounds very reasonable at first. We all want to know that the products we use are safe. However, the FDA’s idea of testing is simply charging business owners ridiculous amounts of money, and then their products are denied anyways.

Why Is The FDA In Charge?

The FDA is currently in charge of CBD regulations because the federal government considers it a medicinal substance. The FDA is in charge of all drugs, food items, and therapeutic products. It all comes down to the terminology used by the federal government.

How To Use It

We won’t lie to you. You don’t have many options at your disposal. We will list three items that you can buy in Hawaii, though.


CBD oil isn’t a bad product. In fact, it’s the most versatile form of CBD. It’s just a little more basic than the other products that we’ve all come to know and love. That’s why it’s disappointing that CBD oil is probably the most complex CBD product you can get in Hawaii.

That’s not too bad, though. You can technically use the oil to make the products that you’re not allowed to buy. You just have to put in the work yourself to make them.

CBD Lotion

CBD lotion is kind of controversial in Hawaii. Hawaii’s state officials don’t allow you to buy CBD-infused cosmetic items, but they’re also not certain as to whether CBD lotion is a cosmetic item. So, a few places still sell it, and they haven’t gotten in trouble for it yet. We recommend exercising caution when you buy CBD lotion in Hawaii. If you want to try it out, buy a single container at first.

Hemp Cigarettes

Surprisingly, hemp cigarettes are legal in Hawaii. They’re expensive, but they are legal. You can’t do much with them, though. CBD lotion can be applied just about anywhere, and it helps with a lot of issues, and CBD oil can be used in so many ways that we can’t list them all. Hemp cigarettes aren’t as versatile. You just smoke them, relax, and move on with your life.

For that reason, we don’t recommend buying them unless you really want to quit smoking real cigarettes. Your other two options are much more versatile, and they’re a lot cheaper.

Pet Products

We recommend staying away from CBD pet products in Hawaii. They’re marketed as medicinal items, and that’s highly illegal in Hawaii. It shouldn’t be hard to avoid them. Most stores won’t sell them due to the therapeutic claims attached to them. However, a few stores have been caught selling them. If you run across one of those stores, you should probably just buy something else. Hopefully, this law will change within the next few years. Pets really do benefit from CBD products.

Final Thoughts

Hawaii’s strict stance on CBD is almost shocking. Hawaii is one of those states that makes you think of relaxation, freedom, and luxury. When it comes to CBD products, the state doesn’t offer any of those things.