Georgia is known to have some of the most confusing CBD laws in the nation. Shop owners, law enforcement officers, and state officials are all relatively clueless about the legality of CBD oil, but some minor changes to Georgia’s state laws helped a little bit.

In this article, we’ll go through the different CBD laws that affect Georgia’s CBD users, and we’ll try to make sense out of some of the confusion.

State Laws

First, CBD regulations on the federal level don’t specifically legalize CBD. They simply legalize hemp-derived products in general. Georgia’s state officials also haven’t legalized CBD, but they also don’t seem to care if retailers sell THC-free products. However, that has created a lot of issues in the state.

Most retailers don’t understand that Georgia’s state officials still consider even trace amounts of THC to be illegal, and they willingly distribute products that have the .3 percent THC limit that most other states allow. Those products are illegal besides a few exceptions, but they’re ending up all over the state.

Unfortunately, that has led to three different arrests over the last year, and those arrests came with felony charges attached to them. Some police officers have opted to simply educate retailers, though. Luckily, police have refused to do anything about CBD businesses that sell illegal products unless the community complains about them. So, most shops have remained relatively safe despite continuing to partake in criminal activity.

As of July 2019, Georgia’s state officials have made some small strides in the right direction. First, the state’s governor legalized hemp farming, and he started constructing the first hemp farm in the state of Georgia. That puts Georgia several years behind nearly every other state, but it’s at least a step in the right direction.

Second, state officials added another part to the bill that would legalize CBD products that contain small amounts of THC. However, THC is only allowed to be present in certain products. A lot of the illegal products continue to be sold.

CBD oil, lotions, patches, sprays, and other standard CBD products can now contain .3 percent THC without being considered marijuana products. However, food items and drinks still have to be THC-free. If any THC is present in a CBD food item, it is highly illegal, and Georgia’s law enforcement officers have the right to arrest you for selling or using it. Luckily, as we said earlier, the police have been turning a blind eye unless someone else complains about a business’s activities.

The new law also bans THC from being included in leafy CBD and hemp products. That means that raw hemp, hemp cigarettes, and other products that resemble hemp in its natural form cannot contain THC. Essentially, that means that all of those products must be made from stalks and seeds.

In short, it is legal to sell and purchase CBD in Georgia. However, some CBD products that contain THC are completely illegal, and you can be charged with a felony if you buy or sell them. If Georgia’s state officials continue to adjust the state’s CBD laws, it might be a little different within the next few years. As for now, it’s still a confusing mess, and some people are still getting arrested for unknowingly breaking the law.

If you’re interested in selling or buying CBD in Georgia, our advice is to stick to the basic products until the state’s laws are developed a bit more.

Federal Laws

Federal laws are the root causes of Georgia’s issues. Georgia didn’t have any CBD regulations in place before the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, and the state’s marijuana laws were some of the strictest laws in the country. So, the entire state was completely unprepared for CBD to become a nation-wide industry, and just about every state agency was completely confused when it came to deal with the new products that are similar to marijuana.

Currently, most state officials are trying to adjust Georgia’s state laws to match the laws that the federal government has in place. However, they’re taking very small steps, and it will probably be a while before both sets of laws match up.

However, if the federal government takes the time to set federal laws that states can’t fight against, things will get a lot better for Georgia’s residents.

Unfortunately, that might be a pipe dream for the next several years. The government doesn’t really consider CBD products to be a priority, and the FDA’s control over the substance has made things worse. We can only hope that CBD-friendly states keep pressuring the federal government and the FDA until real changes are made.

How To Use It

You do have a lot of options to choose from in Georgia, but you should remember that anything that is edible cannot contain any amount of THC, and anything that resembles hemp in its natural form cannot contain THC. There are a lot of illegal products being sold in Georgia. So, make sure to carefully check the labels of any products you purchase. If you don’t, you might get charged with a felony.

Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are available in most states, but Georgia’s laws regarding THC and leafy hemp products make it nearly impossible for you to get your hands-on legal hemp cigarettes in Georgia. The cigarettes have to be made from stalks and seeds, and if they contain any THC, they are considered to be just as bad as joints. You don’t want to get caught smoking hemp cigarettes that contain trace amounts of THC in Georgia. If you can find THC-free hemp cigarettes, they can be a good way to stop smoking.

CBD Patches

These are also designed to help you quit smoking, but instead of continuing to smoke like you do with hemp cigarettes, you simply apply a patch to your arm, and it will balance your mood out throughout your day. They won’t do much to calm your cravings, but they will keep you from having an outburst at work or feeling depressed.

You don’t have to use these to quit smoking, though. You can use them just to experience the benefits of CBD. They work very slowly, and you don’t really notice them. You’ll just feel better throughout your day.

CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is a great way to wake up in the morning, and it regulates your mood during the morning hours when you’re likely to be irritable.

There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to CBD coffee. It’s just coffee that is blended with CBD oil. You can find regular coffees, iced coffees, cappuccinos, and other coffee drinks that contain CBD oil.

However, you should keep in mind that coffee is considered an edible product, and CBD coffee variants cannot contain THC. If you purchase a cup of CBD coffee that contains any amount of THC, you might be arrested as if you walked around town with a loaded bong dangling from your hands.

CBD Candy

CBD candy is available in Georgia, too. That’s a bit surprising. Most of the states that have similar laws don’t allow any CBD food products to be sold within their borders. So, Georgia is slightly more lenient than states such as Texas.

However, they cannot contain trace amounts of THC. They must be completely free of THC, or they’ll get you into trouble.

CBD Lotion

CBD lotion is great for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. Elderly people can use it to relieve pain that is caused by arthritis, and athletes can use it to relieve the pain that they feel after getting injured. CBD can also help athletes heal faster as they start to age. An average athlete can take several weeks to recover from even the most basic injuries once they hit their late twenties, and CBD can greatly shorten that amount of time to get them back into their sport of choice a lot faster.

As of July 2019, CBD lotions can contain trace amounts of THC. So, you don’t have to worry as much when you purchase them.

CBD Spray

CBD spray isn’t as popular as other forms of CBD, but it is a good option if you need something that is easy to use and fast. You just spray a little in your mouth, and the effects of the CBD start to become noticeable within a few minutes.

CBD Pet Products

There are no laws regarding CBD pet products in Georgia, and no arrests have been made that involved CBD pet products. So, it’s reasonable to say that you can purchase CBD pet products without breaking the law.

Final Thoughts

Georgia isn’t an ideal place to live if you love CBD. The laws are confusing, and state officials have been really slow when it comes to handling the issues surrounding CBD. However, it is technically legal, and a few recent laws made it a little less confusing.