If you’re living in Florida, you’ve probably seen a bunch of new products on your local store’s shelves recently. That’s because the state passed a new law towards the end of June, and CBD was legalized in the state on July 1st.

In the past, the state was strictly against the use of CBD products such as balms, cigarettes, and vape juice, but it seems times have changed.

Since the law is so new, many of you might be confused about the different rules that come along with it. We’re going to help you figure all of that out, now.

Florida CBD Laws

As we said earlier, hemp products are now legal in Florida. They have been since the first day of July, and stores have already started selling the products. However, Florida has taken a much more responsible approach to legalizing the product than other states.

In other states, CBD oil has been controversial due to a lack of proper regulations. While Florida is still working out the kinks, they have ensured us that several different requirements will have to be met for a CBD product to be sold.

First, it has to be safe for human consumption, and it also has to be safe for pet consumption. That’s a great sign for pet owners that might have been concerned about the lack of pet-based regulations in other states.

While that seems like it will be a burden for manufacturers, it helps customers know that they’re getting a good product.

The bill also requires that all CBD products in Florida come from licensed hemp growers in the state’s agricultural sector. You won’t have to worry about using an oil that was made from glorified weeds in someone’s basement.

The Florida Agricultural Department is also making an effort to allow CBD-infused drinks and food items to be sold, but they’ll be regulated and tested for safety before they’re fully available.

Since the product is now legal in Florida, you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws if you’re caught with it in your possession. The state is taking a far different approach than other strict states, and it’s ensuring that law enforcement officers are on the same page regardless of what county they’re in.

However, you can still expect Florida’s strict stance on marijuana usage to affect you if you’re caught with a CBD product that has more THC than the .3 percent limit the federal government decided on. Since Florida is working on much more detailed regulations than most other states, you shouldn’t have to worry about that at all.

You can find a large array of CBD products in retail shops, and some restaurants and diners are expected to add a few to their menus once the Florida Agricultural Department regulates the sale of CBD food items.

You won’t be able to get the medical-grade stuff, though. That’s still reserved for people with specific ailments, and it will only be sold at dispensaries if you have a prescription.

Federal CBD Laws

Federal law continues to be the main thing that holds CBD legalization back. While the Farm Bill of 2018 made it possible for states to begin legalizing hemp on a large scale, its muddy wording makes it difficult for a lot of states to dive into the CBD industry.

Even Florida is being affected by it. While they’ve shown a lot of tolerance for CBD oil since they first announced their plans to legalize it, they can’t override federal laws. That’s preventing them from regulating food and drink items that are infused with the substance.

The federal government also shows very little desire to expand their hemp laws. That’s one of the main reasons that claims about CBD’s effectiveness have gone unstudied.

Sure, a lot of people agree that CBD oil helps with chronic pain, anxiety, and other issues, but if authoritative labs can’t properly study its effects due to federal restrictions, none of that matters in an official sense.

Another problem that has occurred due to the federal government is that the laws differ on the state level. Florida might be very tolerant of CBD products, but you can easily get in trouble if you fly to Texas. That’s despite CBD being legalized in Texas.

As you can probably tell, that leaves the TSA in a bit of an awkward position. In some areas, you can board a plane with hemp products without getting in trouble. In states that are a bit more strict, you might face a long wait while your products are checked. Other states might just call the police immediately.

If the federal government doesn’t take a firm stance on CBD products and flesh out their laws, confusion surrounding CBD legality will continue to spread.

Luckily, states like Florida are taking full advantage of their ability to partially regulate CBD products through their own agricultural departments, and they seem to have no problems negotiating with the FDA.

How To Use CBD

We don’t blame you if you’re in the dark when it comes to CBD. Florida just legalized it, and it’s probably new to a lot of you. That’s okay, though. We’re going to talk about some of the most popular ways to consume CBD, and we’ll give you a few pointers.

Hemp Cigarettes

You’ve probably noticed the decline in the popularity of cigarettes in recent years. As the United States tries to take strides towards being a healthier country, a lot of people have kicked the habit or refused to start it.

Let’s face it, though. A lot of people still smoke. Luckily, hemp can be a somewhat less toxic alternative. Since hemp products became legal pretty much everywhere, some manufacturers have started making hemp cigarettes.

The cigarettes don’t contain tobacco or any of the thousands of chemicals present in their tobacco-based counterparts, but they do contain CBD. They’re essentially the ground up buds of hemp rolled into a cigarette.

We don’t think you need a detailed tutorial on how to smoke these, and it might be best not to if you’re not currently smoking regular cigarettes, but these are a reasonable alternative.

However, you should prepare your wallet for the massive hit it’s going to take if you get into these. They can cost about $20 a pack. You might want to smoke these slowly.

CBD Vape Juice

If you’re not familiar with vaping, you’ve probably seen older teens and former smokers walking around with massive clouds of smoke swirling around their heads. That’s what vaping is. You get a vape battery, a tank, and some e-juice, and you inhale it.

At one point, you could only legally get e-liquid in nicotine or nicotine-free versions. Some particularly savvy people figured out how smoke marijuana with vape pens, but that was a bit less legal, and it still is in a lot of places.

Now, you can legally use CBD oil in your vape equipment. Pretty much any decent vape shop is carrying the stuff now, and it’s a fast way to soothe your nerves. It also doesn’t smell as strongly as hemp cigarettes. So, it’s less of an issue for people around you.


Regulations surrounding CBD food items are a bit weird right now, but you can make CBD tea or other drinks in a lot of areas. You can buy a bottle of regular CBD oil, put a few drops in your drink of choice, and stir it up.

We recommend using a drink that’s not very caffeinated. Tea has some caffeine, but CBD still makes sense for it. However, putting it in your coffee or soda makes very little sense. The two chemicals can counteract each other.

If you’re a beer drinker, you’ll probably be overjoyed to hear that some craft beer companies are experimenting with custom CBD brews.

Bath Bombs

Are your regular old bath bombs just not doing the trick anymore? Try a CBD bath bomb. Lavender and other natural scents can be relaxing, but we’re willing to bet that a touch of CBD oil can make them quite a bit better. You can buy these at a pretty low price, and they’re a great way to relax after a rough day.

Medical-Grade CBD

The products we’re about to talk about aren’t available on store shelves, and they probably never will be. However, people with really bad illnesses qualify for medical-grade CBD treatments in most states.

These products are highly concentrated. Some are injections, some are taken like cough medicine, and some are taken in spray form.

If you are prescribed these products, you’ll either get them as a treatment from a professional, or you’ll have to buy them at a dispensary after showing them your prescription.

Pet Sprays

In the past, a lot of pet owners would be forced to put their pet to sleep if it developed debilitating pains. It was seen as the only humane thing to do. The alternative was usually to sit and watch as their pet suffered.

However, pet owners have a second option that they can try now. Some manufacturers have developed CBD sprays that go directly onto your pet’s food.

That small amount of CBD can help to alleviate your pet’s pain when old age has started to degrade their muscles or bones.

It’s not only used for sad cases, though. A lot of pet owners have found it to be a useful way to calm down anxious dogs, and it can be used to make a depressed dog happy again.

That can be useful if you’ve adopted a dog that might have had abusive owners in the past, and you’re still trying to help him acclimate to a normal environment.

Final Thoughts

Florida has finally gotten on the CBD bandwagon. Surprisingly, they’ve taken a more serious approach to legalizing it than some of the more lenient states. They’re attempting to pass proper regulations to make sure customers receive high-quality products, and they’re continuing to make strides to get around some of the federal government’s restrictions.

The last few months have been a great time for Floridians interested in CBD, and if you’re one of them, you should definitely give it a shot.