Connecticut has some pretty lenient laws regarding CBD, but issues with the supply chain has created a few issues for consumers. However, if you’re a diligent consumer, you can easily find just about any product legally in Connecticut.

If you want to learn about the state of Connecticut’s CBD industry, or if you want to learn a few things about CBD, you can keep reading this article for all of the information you need.

State Laws

Connecticut is a CBD-friendly state now, but that wasn’t always the case. CBD used to be completely outlawed in Connecticut, and Connecticut was a little slow to react when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. That’s all in the past, now. You can legally purchase your favorite CBD products without any legal issues arising, and the products are fairly cheap, too. However, you need to be aware of one major problem that is affecting Connecticut’s CBD industry.

CBD isn’t regulated very well in Connecticut. You can grow, sell, or purchase CBD and hemp fairly freely in the state, and the only rule is that you can’t have anything that has more than .3 percent THC levels. If you want anything with more THC than that, you have to have a disability, and a doctor has to prescribe a CBD medication to you. After that, you have to travel to a dispensary to pick up your medication. Luckily, all of Connecticut’s major cities have a licensed dispensary. So, it shouldn’t be hard to get to one if you need pharmaceutical-grade CBD.

If you don’t have a license, and you purchase high-potency CBD oil, you will face criminal charges. That’s where the issue comes in.

Since CBD isn’t heavily regulated in Connecticut, just about anyone can make it and sell it. If an amateur grower uses marijuana plants to create their oil, you can end up carrying CBD oil that contains far more THC than what is allowed, and you can get in serious trouble. The worst part is that you probably won’t even know that you’re carrying such a product until it’s too late.

The lack of regulation has also led to CBD-free CBD products being sold. When tested, a lot of CBD products didn’t actually have any CBD in them. Some of them even contained harmful additives. Obviously, that is completely unacceptable.

Some retailers have distributed fake CBD products on accident. Since they don’t have to have their products tested in a lab, they often cut corners when purchasing their stock, and they end up getting fake products that are labeled improperly.

There are two ways to get around those problems. The first solution is to purchase your CBD from a dispensary. Unfortunately, you have to have a very serious illness in order to gain access to a dispensary, and we are almost certain that most people would rather go without having high-quality CBD products when given the choice between CBD and being sick.

The second way is to simply purchase your CBD products online. You can get fake or low-quality CBD products online, but there are also very reputable CBD dealers online, and if you take the time to check user reviews and BBB ratings, you can purchase high-quality CBD products online without any issues.

Obviously, purchasing your products online isn’t ideal. You have to wait for them to be shipped, and you can’t talk to a CBD salesman directly. However, it’s a lot better than taking the risk of buying a harmful or fake product from Connecticut’s unregulated CBD industry. Until Connecticut’s state officials fix their regulations, online CBD shops are your best bet.

If you’re worried about your products being confiscated during shipping, you can stop worrying. Connecticut’s officials don’t care if you import CBD products. You can even import food items without having any problems.

Federal Laws

Individual states have pretty much been left to their own devices when it comes to regulating CBD. As you can tell from our section about Connecticut’s state laws, that’s not always a good thing. Residents of Connecticut have almost unlimited access to CBD, but they’re often sold fake or low-quality products due to the lack of regulations in the state. If you’ve read our article about the laws in Texas, you know that Texas has extremely strict CBD laws, and the laws vary depending on what county you’re in and what type of mood law enforcement officers are in.

Technically, the FDA has prohibited the sale of CBD unless it’s used as epilepsy medicine. So, there are some federal-level regulations. However, most states ignore the laws entirely, or they only follow the regulations that they deem reasonable. That’s a good thing, and it’s a bad thing. It’s good because it has allowed the CBD industry to blossom, but it also means that every state has different laws that are excessively confusing.

All of that is expected to change soon, though. Oregon and a few other states have been openly opposing the FDA, and once the FDA loosens their grip on CBD, the federal government will be able to create country-wide regulations.

How To Use It

CBD products are unregulated in Connecticut. So, you have a lot of things to choose from. However, even if we suggest a type of product in this article, you need to research the companies that you buy CBD from. There are too many fake products being sold in Connecticut for you to assume that what you’re getting is worthwhile. More importantly, since some products have had harmful additives in them, not researching a company can lead to some pretty bad consequences. Be a diligent consumer.

Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD

If you have a serious illness, and you apply to be a part of the medical marijuana program in Connecticut, you can use your medical marijuana card to purchase CBD that is a lot more potent than what other people can buy. You can also buy marijuana and THC products, but this article is about CBD.

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD contains a lot more CBD than normal CBD products do, and it has as much as .9 percent THC. It can cause you to get high if you haven’t built up a tolerance to THC, and even if you have built up a tolerance by smoking marijuana or using THC medications, you can still get high if you use enough pharmaceutical-grade CBD. So, it’s more of an adult product.

You can only find pharmaceutical-grade CBD at licensed dispensaries. It’s not cheap, but it is a lot stronger.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures aren’t complicated. They’re just glass vials of CBD oil. You can mix the oil into foods or drinks, or you can take it by itself. However, you do need to be careful if you purchase CBD tinctures from local stores in Connecticut. A lot of tinctures have been labeled as if they contain CBD, but when they were tested in a lab, they didn’t actually have any CBD in them.

Since fake products are so common in Connecticut, we suggest buying any CBD tinctures that you want online. As long as you spend a few minutes researching the company you’re considering buying from, you can get high-quality CBD products a lot easier online.

CBD Patches

Do you need a way to stabilize your mood and regulate your pain over long periods of time? Do you not have the time to use CBD spray or oil during your long workdays? If so, you might want to consider CBD patches.

Instead of eating a product or rubbing something on your skin, you just stick a patch onto your arm, and it slowly releases CBD oil into your system over the course of an entire day. They’re very similar to the nicotine patches that smokers use to quit smoking cigarettes.

Also, they’re fairly difficult to make properly. So, a lot of counterfeit CBD makers stay away from them. These are products that you usually don’t have to order online. You can safely buy them in stores.

CBD Candy

CBD food items are legal in Connecticut. However, we don’t recommend ordering them off of restaurant menus or at bars. The owners might cut corners, and you might end up paying premium prices for glorified vegetable oil.

Instead, we suggest buying CBD candies online. They may not be as extravagant as restaurant-quality cheesecake or apple pie, but they’re yummy, and they’re high-quality products.

When you first order some CBD candies, we suggest only eating one or two per day for the first few days. Don’t try to treat them like normal candies. You’ll probably get sick if you do.

Pet Products

If your pet is currently suffering from a serious ailment, you can use CBD oil to help it out. However, we don’t suggest buying any CBD pet products in Connecticut’s stores. A lot of counterfeit CBD manufacturers love to make pet products because it’s hard for pet owners to tell if the products are fake.

Instead, you should buy them from reputable online stores. It might be a little more expensive to do that, but at least you’ll know that the products actually contain CBD.

Final Thoughts

Connecticut may be CBD-friendly, but there are a lot of problems that are affecting Connecticut’s CBD users. Since CBD isn’t regulated, manufacturers can do what they want. Small stores often cut corners because of how expensive CBD is, and some amateur growers knowingly scam consumers.

You can use anything you want in the state, though. So, we recommend ordering all of your CBD products online. You’ll have more products to choose from, and you’ll know that you’re getting real CBD.