If you live in California, you’re probably used to seeing recreational marijuana on nearly every street corner by now. What do you do if you don’t want to get high, though? What if you simply want to enjoy the natural health benefits associated with it?

That’s where CBD oil can help. CBD is a completely natural chemical found in hemp, and it doesn’t have any of the psychoactive effects that marijuana has.

You can also pick from a large variety of ways to use CBD oil. Vape pens can be outfitted with CBD tanks, lip balms can be infused with it, and even bath bombs can contain the soothing chemical.

That may sound amazing, and you wouldn’t be wrong for wanting to rush out to your local store to try it out. However, despite California’s relaxed stance on marijuana, the state has had a few hiccups when it comes to providing everyone with access to high-quality CBD oil.

In this article, we’ll go over the laws that are causing a little bit of a stir in California, and we’ll let you know what you should do to use CBD products without getting into trouble.

California State Laws

As you can expect, you can legally purchase and use most CBD products with reckless abandon. After all, California is a lot less strict than states like Texas or Nebraska, and they already allow Californians to sell and use recreational marijuana.

There aren’t many laws that you need to worry about in the Golden State, but some issues do arise when it comes to food, medicine, and licensing. Most of these laws will only affect retailers and people who plan on traveling.

First off, federal law still prevents CBD food products from being sold in most cases. A lengthy FDA approval process is necessary, and the same goes for CBD products that are marketed with therapeutic claims. Most other products can be sold very easily.

To avoid drawing the attention of the FDA, California CBD manufacturers should refrain from mentioning any medicinal benefits that their products might provide. It’s highly unlikely that any Californian authority will care about the distribution of CBD products, but the FDA is still in charge of preventing medicinal items from being sold without approval. You should also refrain from adding CBD oil to food items.

California is also in the process of creating some basic regulations for CBD oil, and that leaves the wonder drug in a bit of a muddy spot when it comes to its future.

As of right now, California’s Assembly Bill 228 is being reviewed, and it’s expected to be passed very soon. The bill will force CBD companies to properly label their products, and it’ll also clearly identify CBD products as unadulterated. That will ensure that no age limits are put into affect.

If you want to sell CBD, you’ll have to be registered just like industrial hemp growers are. The law will also make it so manufacturers have to prove that their CBD products came from hemp that was grown by a registered grower.

Finally, the law is expected to make it easier for food and drink manufacturers to add CBD to their products without fearing punishment from the FDA.

Traveling With CBD In California

California has been on the front lines of most legalization movements. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that you’re relatively safe when traveling with CBD within the state’s borders.

However, California’s relaxed stance on marijuana doesn’t mean that it’s exempt from the federal government’s .3 percent THC law when it comes to CBD products. Since CBD is typically available regardless of a consumer’s age, and THC is considered an adults-only chemical, CBD products have to abide by the federal THC limit.

That means that you can’t possess or travel with CBD products that exceed the legal limit of THC. If you do, you’ll face some fairly intimidating legal charges. Otherwise, it’s perfectly safe for you to carry CBD products around, and you can safely get on planes or public transport services without fearing legal consequences.

You should be aware that importing or exporting CBD will require you to pay for a tax stamp, though. The stamp is there to help California ensure that only licensed individuals are bringing products into or out of the state.

Federal Laws

California might be lenient with CBD, but the federal government isn’t as laid back. In fact, the federal government is why California has to focus on regulating CBD in the first place.

Currently, the FDA holds most of the power over CBD products. The state cannot ignore the FDA, and it cannot create laws that directly contradict what the FDA says.

Luckily, California’s CDHP is fighting to gain nearly full control of CBD products. The CDHP has had a bit of a spotty record because of its 2018 Hemp CBD FAQS document. In the document, they claimed that it was completely illegal to use CBD in food or drink products, but there are no state laws on record that actually say that.

Despite that one hiccup, the CDHP is expected to have a much more positive impact on CBD laws than the FDA due to its close connection to California’s politicians and communities.

Once the Assembly Bill 228 law passes, the federal government will have a lot less power over California’s CBD market.

How To Use It

If you’re in California, you’re in luck. Other states are just starting to expand their CBD markets, but California has had quite a while to develop new products without legal worries. We’ll take a look at some of the products that California has.

Vape Tanks

Vape pens have been modified to create massive clouds, deliver nicotine faster, and even smoke marijuana. So, it’s not surprising that they’ve been modified to allow you to use CBD oil in an efficient manner.

You can pick up these pre-filled cartridges in other states, but California was one of the big pioneers of their development.

To use these, you’ll need a normal vaping setup, and you’ll have to buy a CBD-infused vape juice. If you’ve used a vape pen for nicotine or flavored juices, you already know how to use it for CBD. If you’re a newcomer, all you have to do is charge the battery in your device, attach the tank, and push a button while inhaling. Obviously, you have to be comfortable filling your lungs with vapor, though.

Bath Bombs

These are great for when you really want to relax before bed or after work. Instead of rubbing yourself with a greasy lotion or smoking hemp cigarettes, all you have to do is drop one of these in your bath water.

These are just like normal bath bombs that you can pick up at Walmart, but they’re infused with CBD oil. When they dissolve in your bath water, they not only make the bathroom smell amazing, but they fill your water with soothing CBD oil, too.

There’s not much more that we can tell you about these. They’re fairly simple products, and they don’t require any special knowledge to use them.

Canine CBD Spray

Canines have quite a few CBD options available to them, and there are even some products made to help cats and other conventional pets.

One of those options is a spray. Several different manufacturers have started making CBD spray for dogs, and all of the products are really easy to use. You simply spray the recommended dose onto your dog’s food or water.

These sprays help with a lot of chronic pains that are common in many different dog species, and they can help alleviate the symptoms of cancer if your dog is suffering from it.

What you may not know is that CBD spray can also help dogs that suffer from anxiety or depression. It works the same way as it does with humans, and it can keep your dog from freaking out when they’re in public, or it can help an aging dog that is starting to feel depressed.

CBD Snacks (Coming Soon)

Most states probably won’t see CBD food items for a fairly long time, but California is currently working to ensure that you can pick up CBD-infused candy, snacks, and drinks.

When the Assembly Bill 228 is passed and CBD becomes regulated properly, you can expect to see a large variety of CBD food products on store shelves. They’re expected to mimic their THC counterparts in the area.

Final Thoughts

California is one of the best states to be in if you want to try CBD. They still have to abide by federal regulations, but they’re quickly gaining more power over the industry, and that means that California residents will have unprecedented access to CBD.

However, there is a misconception that California is just as lenient with CBD as it is with marijuana. That’s a common misunderstanding. While California is pretty accepting of the new substance, there are still a few laws that you have to look out for. We hope that this article helped you understand those laws.