When it comes to CBD, Arkansas is one of the most lenient states in the country. Arkansas wasn’t always open to the recreational usage of CBD oil, but as of March 18th, Arkansas residents can enjoy a large variety of CBD products with very few restrictions.

Let’s dig into the different ways that Arkansas has changed its laws.

State Laws

Arkansas used to have a very strict stance against CBD oil. State officials punished anyone who was in possession of CBD oil as if they were illegally carrying marijuana. However, on March 18th, state officials decided to completely remove all CBD products from their list of regulated substances. While other states consider CBD to be a less adult version of cannabis, Arkansas has completely separated hemp and CBD from the cannabis family when it comes to their law books.

That means that any commercial CBD product you can think of is completely legal in Arkansas. The one exception to that is epilepsy medicine. Since the FDA has approved that as a drug, Arkansas requires people who use the epilepsy drug to have a license.

The legal separation of CBD and cannabis effectively makes it possible for Arkansas state officials to ignore any federal guidelines that concern CBD sales. It’s believed that state officials made the decision to avoid making all of the confusing laws that other states have had to make.

How does that affect you, though? Well, it means that you’re not limited in any way when it comes to CBD oil. You can purchase CBD food products from your local grocery store, and you can have a bartender pour you a refreshing CBD martini if you want. All of the basic products are available to you, too. You can even purchase CBD products that are designed to work as sleep aids and other minor medicinal products. That’s something that you can’t do in most states.

However, retailers have a little bit more to worry about than consumers. If you want to sell CBD products, you’ll have to get a proper license from the Arkansas State Plant Board. The ASPB controls the sale and regulation of CBD and hemp, and they’re the ones that issue licenses to growers and retailers. Retailers just have to apply for one, and they have to agree to follow state guidelines.

To get a grower’s license, you have to go through a short application process, and you have to prove that you can follow the state’s hemp laws. That’s not too hard to do, though. You just have to show that you can grow hemp plants that only contain .3 percent THC, and you have to show that you can follow the same agricultural standards that every other farmer has to.

The only time you have to worry about CBD as a consumer is when it contains more than .3 percent THC. The state is very strict when it comes to THC, and if you carry products that are above the state’s THC limit, you will have to answer for your crimes as if you were carrying around a few grams of recreational weed. Since the state is so strict about marijuana, we don’t have to tell you that, that isn’t a good thing.

In general, Arkansas is one of the most CBD-friendly states out there. You can buy whatever you want, and retailers don’t have to constantly worry about whether or not their products are acceptable. However, it’s one of the few CBD-friendly states that you have to ensure that your CBD products are within the state’s THC limit. Other states will simply charge you with a misdemeanor and send you away, but Arkansas will throw every state law at you if you’re busted with an illegal product. That’s a fair price to pay when you consider how lenient they are in the first place, though. Just buy your CBD products from a company that you can trust.

Federal Laws

If you’ve read our other guides, you know that the federal government isn’t exactly a major proponent of CBD. The president signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law for congress, and that made industrial hemp legal, but that’s about as far as the federal government has gone when it comes to CBD. Everything else has been left up to the FDA.

That has posed a number of issues because the FDA seems to be more focused on forcing companies to submit to its approval process than it is focused on making CBD regulation easier for individual states. That’s why CBD is technically legalized, and every major news outlet agrees that it’s legalized, but lawyers and law specialists agree that it is still prohibited due to the fact that the FDA won’t approve of anything.

Most states have gotten around that. For instance, Arkansas decided to completely remove hemp from the cannabis family in their law books, and while that doesn’t mean anything to the federal government, it gives them the power to do whatever they want within reason. Other states have simply prevented retailers from talking about health benefits or selling food items to stay on the good side of the FDA.

Truck drivers and TSA agents aren’t able to work around the FDA’s nonsense, though. Truck drivers are often pulled over in certain states, and they usually face legal charges for simply transporting CBD products. TSA agents are frequently forced to call the police when passengers try to bring CBD products onto planes.

Those issues shouldn’t be around for too long, though. The FDA is already receiving a lot of pressure from several states to change the way that they regulate CBD, and more states are joining the fight everyday. Within the next five years, we should have a new set of CBD guidelines from the FDA, and all of the states should be on the same page shortly after that happens.

How To Use It

Since Arkansas has such lenient CBD laws, and you can buy just about anything, we’ll simply use this section to talk about some of the best and most interesting CBD products that you can buy.

Alcoholic CBD Drinks

Alcoholic CBD drinks can take many forms. You can get a high-end whiskey infused with CBD, or you can get a cranberry vodka with CBD. CBD can be mixed into just about any alcoholic drink that you can imagine.

Why would you want to mix the two, though? Won’t alcohol relax you enough? Well, it’s true that CBD helps relax you a little more, and that’s the main reason that people like CBD-infused alcohol. However, you also get a bunch of positive benefits when you drink alcohol that is infused with CBD. CBD won’t negate the negative effects of the alcohol, but it will help keep you in a good mood, and it’ll help relieve any pain that you’re experiencing. So, even if you don’t care about boosting your alcoholic beverage’s soothing abilities, there are several other passive benefits that you’ll enjoy.

CBD Desserts

Do you like Pie? Do you like CBD oil? Well, what if we told you that you could combine the two to add a soothing effect to your favorite dessert? Don’t scoff at us too much. You actually can buy CBD pie. You don’t have to stop at pie, either. You can buy cake, ice cream, chocolate, and many other different desserts that come with the special ingredient infused into them.

Since Arkansas doesn’t care about CBD regulations unless you’re using epilepsy medicine, you can purchase whatever CBD-infused dessert that you want.

CBD E-Juice

The two products that we listed above this section are fairly slow-acting. You have to wait a bit to feel anything after you use them. However, there is one really cool CBD product that works extremely quickly.

If you want to feel the benefits of CBD very quickly, you have to try out a CBD e-juice. No, it’s not a drink. It’s the stuff that you put into a vape system to make giant clouds as you puff on it. It’s a little expensive to buy a proper setup, but after you do buy that setup, you can use it for years without any problems, and you can purchase CBD e-juice at a fair price at any vape shop.

Pet Products

Does your pet exhibit a lot of the symptoms that CBD oil can treat? If it does, you don’t have to rely on pharmaceutical pet drugs to make it feel better. You can give your fuzzy friend one of the many CBD pet products on the market.

Pet products come in sprays, treats, and other weird concoctions, but they all work the same way. You give them to your pet, and your pet feels the benefits of CBD oil. They’re not very complicated.

Final Thoughts

Arkansas is one of the few states that CBD users can truly feel safe in. As long as you don’t push your boundaries and buy something with too much THC, you can have whatever you want in Arkansas. It’s one of only a few states that doesn’t restrict CBD food sales, and it doesn’t care about pharmaceutical claims, either.