Since CBD is such a new type of product, people have a lot of questions that they need answered. In this section, we’ll cover as many of the most frequently asked questions as possible, and we’ll give you detailed answers to those questions to help you truly understand what CBD is.

Is CBD Legal?

The legality of CBD depends on where you live. On the federal level, it’s still technically illegal because the FDA hasn’t approved it. However, individual states have made their own laws regarding CBD.

We have detailed articles highlighting the CBD laws of each state. If you’re worried about whether or not CBD is legal, you should find the article we wrote about your state.

Is CBD Safe?

Safety is one of the biggest concerns that new CBD users have, and that’s to be expected. After all, CBD is basically a new product, and it’s closely related to marijuana.

Well, in the FDA’s eyes, CBD is not generally considered to be safe. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not safe. It just means that the FDA wants to receive funding from manufacturers to thoroughly test every CBD product that enters the market.

There haven’t been any deaths or illnesses caused by CBD, and CBD only has two minor side-effects that rarely effect CBD-users. While the FDA refuses to say that CBD is safe, there is no evidence that it’s not safe. In fact, it has less of a negative effect on your body than Tylenol does, and you probably take Tylenol fairly often.

Does CBD Have Negative Side-Effects?

CBD does have negative side-effects, but they rarely affect anyone, and they’re very minor. CBD isn’t like most prescription medications. You won’t see any disclaimers about it causing cardiac arrest or anything else. You might get a painful headache, and you might get nauseous. Those are the only negative effects of CBD, and the positive effects greatly outweigh the possibility of you getting a headache.

Why Are Some Products Banned And Others Aren’t?

Some products are banned due to poorly-worded laws and FDA guidelines. For instance, food items, dietary supplements, therapeutic products, and drinks are banned in most states. However, that’s not because they’re dangerous. They’re banned because the FDA doesn’t want people to have them in most cases. They can also be banned due to old laws that affect the food industry and medical industry in general. Some states have food laws that prevent manufacturers from using products that aren’t FDA-approved, and some simply don’t like cannabis products in general.

Is CBD The Same As Weed?

Hemp-derived CBD is nothing like the green clumps that you probably bought as a teenager, but it is made from a plant that is very similar to weed. In fact, hemp is the male version of a cannabis plant. Marijuana is the female version of cannabis, and it is rich in THC. That’s what gets you high when you smoke marijuana.

However, hemp doesn’t have a lot of THC in it. It only has trace amounts, and you can’t get high from smoking it. You also can’t get high from using reasonable amounts of CBD that is extracted from hemp plants.

While CBD is made from a similar plant, it doesn’t have the same mind-altering effects that marijuana does, and it shouldn’t be considered a version of marijuana.

Can CBD Get You High?

Technically, CBD can get you high. Hemp-derived CBD only contains .3 percent THC, though. So, you’ll have to use a ridiculous amount of it over a short period of time to get high. For example, you’ll have to chug entire bottles of hemp-derived CBD to get even remotely buzzed, and you’d have to eat a ton of edible CBD products to get high.

Before you think that you’ve found a legal way to get high, you should consider the fact that CBD oil is just vegetable oil with CBD in it. It is unhealthy for you to consume massive amounts of oil, and your bowels will hate you if you do. If you think you’ll just eat a bunch of gummy candies to get high, you should probably consider the fact that you’ll have to eat several containers of CBD gummy candies to feel anything, and that will probably add a few inches to your waistline. Use CBD appropriately.

Does Marijuana-Derived CBD Get You High?

Marijuana-derived CBD can get you high, but it probably won’t get you stoned unless you abuse it. It has a lot more THC than hemp-derived CBD, but it still has a lot less than weed does.

With that being said, you should be prepared to feel a little high when you take marijuana-derived CBD for the first time. If you’re an old stoner, you probably won’t feel anything.

This is why marijuana-derived CBD requires a doctor’s recommendation in most states. While it’s good for people who have serious illnesses, it can cause unexpected psychological effects, and most states don’t want residents to get high whenever they want.

Why Is Each State Have Different Laws?

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, people have been wondering why different states have different CBD laws. After all, it’s commonly believed that the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp-derived CBD. That’s not the case.

Most people focused on the 2018 Farm Bill because of CBD, but it was actually designed to legalize hemp-derived construction and manufacturing materials. CBD was passed off to the FDA, and the FDA does not approve of CBD.

Since it’s very easy to misinterpret the 2018 Farm Bill, states started doing whatever they wanted. Most states partially followed the FDA’s guidelines, some states fully legalized CBD, and a few states outright banned CBD entirely.

What’s The Difference Between Medical CBD And Normal CBD?

As you probably know, CBD has been used as an epilepsy treatment for about a decade. When CBD started getting legalized, you might have been confused when you heard that medical CBD was still illegal unless you were sick. Well, that’s because medical CBD is usually made from marijuana. Another part of this FAQ explains the difference between marijuana-derived CBD and hemp-derived CBD.

Can Pets Use CBD?

Pets can use CBD. It actually helps pets with quite a few serious issues. It can help boost their appetites, it can treat their depression and anxiety, and it can help them with common pains. If you have a pet that is suffering from a serious illness, we highly recommend checking out a few pet-oriented CBD products.

Can I Use Human Products On My Pets?

It is not recommended to give your pet human CBD products. The products can contain ingredients that are dangerous for pets, and they can be too strong. We recommend buying CBD products that are specifically made for pets if you want to treat your pet with CBD.

Can I Travel With CBD?

Now that CBD is so popularity, a lot of people want to take their CBD products with them on long trips and flights. We recommend leaving your products at home when you leave your state.

This is due to the fact that every state has drastically different laws, and you might accidentally enter a state that has banned one or all of your CBD products. In some states, possessing banned CBD products can result in a prison sentence. Your best bet is to simply purchase CBD products when you arrive at your destination.

Are CBD Shops Really Being Raided?

You might be afraid to enter a CBD shop if you’ve read a lot of news articles about CBD. When the CBD industry was first created, a lot of states had very strict laws against CBD. For a while, police officers were raiding CBD-oriented shops. However, that has changed in most states. While Texas and Nebraska are still facing some problems, most other states have stopped raiding CBD shops.

Can I Deliver CBD Products To Other States?

If you’re a truck driver, you might be a little worried about carrying truckloads of CBD products around. We don’t blame you. Some truck drivers are still getting arrested for carrying such large amounts of CBD across the nation.

As a truck driver, it’s your responsibility to avoid states that have such strict CBD laws. Your dispatcher will most likely provide you with a safe route that will keep you out of trouble.

Luckily, most states have stopped doing that, and as long as you can drive around some of the most strict states, you will be fine. It’s a lot easier to travel with CBD now that most states have legalized it.

Is CBD For Me?

CBD is for most people. Some people do experience the headaches and nausea that we talked about earlier, but most people don’t experience those effects. CBD also helps with a large list of issues. If you’re depressed or anxious, you can use CBD to treat yourself. Although, you should probably get professional help if those issues persist. You can also use CBD to treat chronic pain. Finally, it can increase your appetite, and it can relax you quite a bit. So, most people probably have a use for CBD products. Even if you just want to try it, nothing bad will come of it. You might as well try it out. .

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