The CBD Boom

A decade ago, anything that was remotely related to marijuana would have been shunned and illegal. Now, hundreds of different CBD products have been created and marketed to the public as natural remedies for everyday ailments.

Unless you live in the most rural parts of the United States, you’ve probably seen a lot of these products lining the shelves of your favorite stores. Small startups have built their entire business models around CBD, and even a lot of the big box stores have started embracing the products.

CBD isn’t legal in every state, but that is changing quickly, and most United States citizens can now enjoy CBD without any legal consequences.

What do you know about CBD, though? If you don’t know much about it, we don’t blame you. It was practically unheard of until 2014, and there is still an atmosphere of mystery surrounding the substance. In this article, we aim to change that. We’ll list off all the CBD facts you need to know, and we’ll talk about the different ways that you can use it.

What Is CBD?

First, you should know what CBD is before you rush off to buy CBD products at your favorite store. It’s not a very complicated substance, but there are a lot of different misconceptions floating around about it.

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical that is found in cannabis plants. It has a lot of the same health benefits as the THC-rich marijuana that people are more familiar with, but it doesn’t cause the user to feel high, and it doesn’t have any of the common side-effects that marijuana has. Those side-effects include fits of paranoia, dehydration, and intense cravings.

You might be wondering why anyone would want to use what is essentially a less fun version of THC. Well, there are several reasons that someone might not want to feel the psychoactive affects that cannabis is known for.

First, children obviously shouldn’t be exposed to those mind-altering effects, but the health benefits of cannabis can help many children who suffer from serious illnesses. With CBD, sick children can receive the health benefits of cannabis, but they won’t be subjected to anything psychoactive.

CBD is also a great alternative for people who work dangerous or very detail-oriented jobs. Could you imagine if you got on a flight, buckled yourself in, and then found out that the pilot in charge of your safety was high because he wanted to treat his back pain? You’d probably freak out, and you wouldn’t be very safe if you stayed on the plane. Construction workers, people who work around dangerous equipment, and people who really have to focus on complicated tasks are also more likely to use CBD than THC. They simply can’t afford to get high, but they still need relief from various ailments. It’s also illegal for people in certain job positions to use marijuana even if it’s legal in their state.

Finally, while THC is fairly harmless, it can cause some people to experience intense paranoia. For that reason, people who are affected by certain mental conditions should stay away from THC. It can make their mental issues worse. CBD won’t do that to them, though. So, CBD allows them to safely enjoy the health benefits of cannabis.

CBD can come from two different types of cannabis plants. We’ll talk about those two plants in the following subsections.

Marijuana-Derived CBD

Marijuana-derived CBD comes from female cannabis plants. Female cannabis plants are rich in THC, and they’re what people smoke to get high. They have plenty of CBD in them, but since they’re rich in THC, a lot more THC tends to make its way into the final product.

Most marijuana-derived CBD products have more than six-percent THC in them, and that’s enough to make new users high. They’re banned in most states, but the federal government has been pushing to federally legalize marijuana across the nation. So, you might be able to get your hands on marijuana-derived products in the near future.

You shouldn’t confuse these products with marijuana, though. They don’t have as much THC as the green buds that stoners like to smoke. They just have too much THC to be legal in most states. They can be made without THC, but the equipment and expertise necessary to do that makes it more practical to just use hemp.

Hemp-Derived CBD

Hemp is also known as the male version of cannabis. It doesn’t produce the THC-rich buds that marijuana does, but it’s rich in CBD. Basically, it won’t get you high, but it will pass along its natural health benefits.

Hemp usually only contains .3 percent THC. That small amount of THC won’t get you high, and it won’t show up on drug tests most of the time. That makes hemp-derived CBD perfect for people who can’t afford to get high or fail a drug test.

Of course, there are some downsides to hemp-derived CBD. While there are certain parts of a hemp plant that are rich in CBD, most of the plant is useless unless you’re making rope, cement, or other materials that don’t require CBD or THC to be effective.

That means that a lot of plants have to be used to make hemp-derived CBD, and that drives the price of CBD up quite a bit.

Benefits Of CBD

Now that you know what CBD is, we’re going to tell you why you should use it. It’s important that you look at CBD in a realistic way. It’s a lot like a natural version of Tylenol, but some particularly enthusiastic CBD users make absolutely insane claims about the substance. CBD is not going to magically cure cancer, and it won’t allow you to ignore your normal medications if you have a serious illness or disability. It will treat basic ailments, though. As long as you’re not falling for some of the ridiculous claims people have made about CBD, it can impact your life in a positive way.

Here are the four main ways that CBD can help you.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

One of the most sought after benefits of CBD is its anti-inflammatory nature. It can reduce the amount inflammation in your joints and muscles, and that makes it a natural alternative to medicines such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. In fact, most users claim that it works better than those medications, and it doesn’t have the dangerous side-effects that those medications have.

For example, did you know that taking too much Tylenol or Ibuprofen can lead to an increased risk for heart attacks, liver failure, and kidney problems? That doesn’t stop a lot of people from using much more than the recommended dose for long periods of time to combat chronic pain. Now, CBD can fight against that chronic pain without damaging anyone’s internal organs.

It’s also quite popular with athletes. They often sustain injuries that cause long-term pain, but they can’t smoke marijuana without being removed from their teams in most cases. That leads to a lot of problems with substance abuse due to athletes using prescription medications to get rid of their pain. CBD won’t make them fail drug tests, and it can relieve the pain that they experience due to some of their less serious injuries.

Skin Conditioning

CBD also affects your skin in a positive way. This benefit ties in with its anti-inflammatory benefits, but it’s worth mentioning in its own section.

Applying CBD-infused creams to your skin on a daily basis can combat wrinkles, certain skin conditions, and droopy skin that comes from aging. That’s why a lot of different cosmetic companies have started offering CBD-infused versions of their skin products. The CBD has a lot of the same benefits as their other products, but it doesn’t have the negative effects that some of those products have in the long-term. For instance, some face creams can clog your pores, and others can dry out your skin if you stop using them.

Cosmetic companies have mostly focused on adding CBD to their moisturizing products. So, it’s usually not found in lipstick, eyeliner, and other staples of the cosmetic industry. Instead, it’s found in anti-aging creams, lip moisturizers, and lotions.

Mood Stabilization

Do you suffer from mood swings? If you do, CBD might be able to help you naturally moderate your mood. If your issues are extreme, you should get help from a medical professional, but there are several reasons you might experience mood swings, and CBD can help with some of the less serious causes of the problem.

For instance, menopause and other age-related conditions can cause moderate mood swings in some people, and sometimes pharmaceutical medications can cause side-effects that are worse than the natural mood swings. In cases like that, CBD might be a more appropriate treatment. It doesn’t have any major side-effects, and it can regulate your mood fairly quickly.

Minor cases of depression and anxiety can also be treated effectively with CBD. If you are suffering from clinical depression or anything like that, you should consult a medical professional before you try to medicate yourself with CBD. However, if you’ve just been in the dumps for a while, you might want to try taking CBD for a week or two. It might just help you get back to living a normal life.

Relaxation Effects

CBD can relax you very quickly. This ties in with its mood-stabilization abilities, but it’s a little different. It doesn’t relax you in the same way as weed does. You won’t nod off on your couch after taking a tablespoon of CBD oil. You will feel less stressed, though. That can help you fall asleep at night, or it can keep you from flying off the handle when a co-worker agitates you.

Since stress is believed to cause a long list of health issues, this benefit of CBD might be the most important. It won’t directly prevent you from the strokes and heart attacks that are associated with stress, but it’s reasonable to say that it can lower your chances of suffering from those serious problems since it lowers your stress levels.

Side-Effects Of CBD

So far, we’ve made CBD look like a magical substance that can cure all the world’s problems. That’s not true. A lot of people will act as if it is a perfect remedy for all of life’s problems, but it does have a couple of drawbacks. Luckily, the drawbacks aren’t very serious, and they don’t affect most people.


The most common side-effect of CBD is intense nausea. It usually affects people who have never used cannabis before, and it usually stops after the first week of use. However, some individuals might not be able to take CBD without feeling some amount of nausea.

Obviously, this is a side-effect that isn’t too serious. It might deter you from using CBD if you just want to use it to see what it’s about, but most people who rely on CBD will find that a little nausea is a fair trade for relief from much more debilitating ailments.

Of course, you don’t know if CBD will make you nauseous unless you try it. We suggest using CBD for the first time when you have a day off from work, and you don’t have much to do. Don’t stop using CBD forever if you do get a little nauseous. Do the same thing a few more times, and the nausea should stop affecting you. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to decide if using CBD is worth the nausea.

You can also try using different products. CBD edibles might make you nauseous, but CBD oil or lotion might not have any negative effects on you. Try to use various products before you jump to any conclusions about CBD.


Headaches aren’t as common as nausea, but they do affect some CBD users. They vary from being minor inconveniences to completely mind-splitting experiences. As always, we suggest trying CBD when you’re not busy to make sure you don’t suffer from these headaches.

If you do get headaches when you use CBD, you should do the same thing that we told you to do if you experience nausea. Try using CBD a few more times, and if it doesn’t stop causing headaches, try to use a couple of different CBD products. If you still have problems, it might not be for you. After all, why would you want to treat your knee pain by giving yourself a bad headache?

CBD Products

By now, you should know just about everything you need to know about CBD. You know the pros and cons of using it, you know how it’s made, and you know the different properties that it has. Now, we’ll tell you which products you can use to take advantage of CBD’s multiple health benefits.

Not all of these products are available in every state. Some of them are, but some states have regulations that ban several of them. So, try reading some of our state-based CBD guides to see which products you can use in your state.

Basic Oils

Standard CBD oils come in little glass bottles, and they’re legal in almost every state. You can use them for several different purposes, but they’re usually meant to be taken by themselves or added to food.

CBD oil is usually made from a food-grade carrier oil and pure CBD extract. So, take that into consideration before you start drinking CBD oil by the bottle. It’ll probably cause you to spend some time on the toilet.

CBD Lotion

CBD lotion is a type of CBD cream that is meant to be applied to parts of your body that are causing you pain. It’s very popular with athletes, and it can help older people a lot, too.

Anti-Aging Cream

CBD-infused anti-aging creams are similar to CBD lotions, but they’re meant to be applied to your face. They’ll combat wrinkles and minor skin conditions if you use them daily.

CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes aren’t just tobacco leaves dipped in CBD oil. They’re filled with hemp, and when you smoke the hemp, you get some of the benefits of CBD. CBD cigarettes aren’t as effective as other CBD products, but they can help smokers quit.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are the most popular CBD products in states that allow them to be sold. They’re just normal treats that are mixed with CBD oil.

CBD Pet Snacks

Your pet probably loves getting a treat every once in a while. What if we told you that their daily treat could help treat some of the issues that they might be suffering from? Well, savvy pet food manufacturers have been utilizing CBD to offer the same benefits humans receive to pets.

CBD E-Juice

CBD e-juice has the same uses as hemp cigarettes, but e-juice doesn’t smell horrible, and it comes in a large variety of flavors. Hemp cigarettes typically taste like you picked up someone’s lawn clippings and started smoking them.

Final Thoughts

The CBD industry is booming, but a lot of people still don’t know much about CBD. That’s largely due to a lack of research and publicized research papers. It’s also caused by society’s negative perception of cannabis over the last century.

We hope that this article has helped you understand a bit more about CBD, and we highly recommend trying CBD for yourself. It doesn’t have any negative side-effects, and it can really help you live a more enjoyable life.