Anecdotally, many marijuana users have claimed for years that the cannabis plant acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing sexual desire and enhancing the enjoyment of sex. While these claims were previously the unproven domain of cannabis enthusiasts, new evidence has come to light to back up the theory that marijuana, and specifically CBD, can boost sexual health.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, an extremely bioactive compound in marijuana that has been the focus of intense scrutiny among researchers in recent years following the discovery of its many potential health benefits.

How CBD affect sexual health, and how to use it effectively for this purpose, is better understood now than ever before. Here is what the latest studies have to say about CBD and sexual health.

CBD as a Lubricant

Painful intercourse is an issue for many women, especially older women who are menopausal. The vagina may not become as well-lubricated in anticipation of sex as it should in some cases, sometimes leading to intense pain during the act.

Women in increasing numbers have found relief in the form of CBD lubricants. At least part of the therapeutic action that CBD exerts in its role as a natural lubricant during sex stems from its anti-inflammatory action. CBD has the ability to calm inflammation topically, both inside and outside the skin, because it has transdermal properties, meaning it can penetrate through the skin to provide relief.

The popularity of CBD as a lubricant has skyrocketed in recent years. Several companies now market CBD products as a lubricant. In addition to its magnificent performance as a lubricant, CBD is also more attractive than other traditional lubricants like Vaseline because it is all-natural.

The Aphrodisiac Action of CBD

One recent study found that circulating endocannabinoid levels are correlated with more intense sexual arousal in women. The endocannabinoid system is a part of the nervous system that exists in nearly all animals. “Endo” means inside, and “cannabinoid” refers to any chemical structure that acts on the neurotransmitters that make up the endocannabinoid system.

Humans naturally have cannabinoids circulating in their blood, but levels can drop due to injury, illness, or age. Enter CBD, a treatment for loss of sexual arousal in women caused by an endocannabinoid system that is not functioning as well as it could.

Reducing Performance Anxiety

Many people, particularly men, feel pressure to perform well during sexual intimacy. In fact, this concern can cross the threshold into full-blown anxiety. Fortunately, CBD helps people relax through a complex mediation process with the nervous system. Studies have shown that relaxed partners consistently perform better during sex. For men, this includes maintaining erections and lasting longer before climaxing.

CBD Increases Blood Flow

Proper circulatory function is crucial for sexual health. Sexual tissues require substantial amounts of oxygen-rich blood to function. In men, unhealthy circulation can cause difficulty keeping an erection. For women, inhibited blood flow often means a harder time achieving orgasm. CBD comes to the rescue again in this case by increasing blood flow throughout the body.

Enhanced Neurotransmitter Activity

The enjoyment of sex comes largely from the chemical rewards that participants enjoy. The two most important neurotransmitters for sexual satisfaction are oxytocin, anandamide and endorphins. CBD facilitates the release of all three.

People who have struggled with their sexual health have found immense benefit from including CBD products in their routine. As we move forward, researchers are likely to uncover more impressive evidence that CBD enhances users’ sex lives.